Complivit "The Shining"

Complivit "The Shining" Complivit known enough vitamin-mineral complex.It is often prescribed by the doctor, because the drug is well-proven, and its price is acceptable.Recently introduced a variety of multivitamins Complivit "The Shining" interested many because it can be used to grow hair, strengthen nails, lose weight, rejuvenate the skin and even improve mood.Let's find out just how true to advertising miraculous drug.

That includes Complivit "The Shining»

This multivitamin complex includes:

- vitamins A, C, E and group B (B1, B2, B6, B12), biotin, folic acid, calcium pantothenate,nicotinamide;
- minerals such as copper, iron, zinc, selenium, silicon, cobalt.

All the same is present in the normal preparation Complivit.And the difference is that there are two new components:

- lipoic acid - an antioxidant that displays the body of toxins (including alcohol) and improving liver function;
- green tea extract, or scientifically catechin - even more powerful antioxidant, which contains large quantities and white tea

, and also in many berries and fruits.

The presence of these two antioxidants have no effect on the growth of hair and nails, but they can be a stretch to attribute the properties of skin rejuvenation, and by increasing the metabolism - the effect of weight loss.

accept any Complivit "The Shining»

price acceptable multivitamin complex - in the area of ​​270-300 rubles per pack, which is designed for a thirty-day course.

price alone are happy because of the relatively small amount of money they are feeling the effect of the drug.Other
contrary - not too upset, I did not notice any transformation.

Why responses contradict each other?There are two options:

1. If the body is weakened, there are clear signs of beriberi, multivitamins, undoubtedly will fall by the way.But their significance is still inferior to nutritious food and the power of self-healing organism.Nevertheless, the improvement of health, hair growth, strengthen nails will be attributed to vitamins.

2. If the body is very healthy, but it has been awarded the painfully long wait, when the hair grows back after an unsuccessful haircut, which is why start taking vitamins, the effect will be virtually invisible.Hair will not grow faster than nature intended.


This is not a medicine, but a dietary supplement.Hence, the content of the active ingredients therein is minimal, even less of the daily dose.The manufacturer is important not to damage the side effects, or the product may be banned.

However, you can not take this drug if:

1. Pregnancy and lactation;
2. allergic to the components of the drug;
3. hypervitaminosis - a state of the most difficult to diagnose at home, so manufacturers are advised to consult a doctor.

Remember that the effects of taking vitamins does not come instantly.Sometimes improvement comes only a few months after completion of treatment.


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