Vitamins for joints

Vitamins for joints

In today's hectic lifestyle and poor nutrition bones and joints are experiencing an acute need for nutrients and vitamins.For this reason, osteochondrosis, pain in the spine and joints - are no longer a rarity, not only for the elderly. These problems are subject to all ages, including children and.

to eliminate the causes of diseases of joints and bone fragility, for the prevention of arthritis, osteoarthritis and fractures must be:

1. balanced diet to include foods that contain the necessary vitamins for joints and bones.

2. Correctly pick vitamin complexes and additives in food, which include the composition and vitamins for joints and ligaments, and trace nutrients, vitamins for the bones.

What need trace elements and vitamins for joints and cartilage?

Supplements and Vitamins for the cartilage:

1) Glucosamine.

powerful biological substance, which is produced in the cartilage, gives it firmness and nourishes it.

2) chondroitin.

This kind of extract of cartilage of animals such as

pigs, whales or sharks, specially adapted for absorption by the human body.It is used to power the cartilage.

vitamins ligaments, bones and tissue connecting them, as well as trace elements

3) Methylsulfonylmethane.

substance obtained by synthesis based on the sulfur with a broad spectrum of action.Promotes active restoration of ligaments and connective tissue after injuries, sprains and bruises.Partly relieves pain.

4) silicon.

Helps to maintain the necessary level of calcium in the bones and joints, nourishes and regenerates tissues, relieves inflammation.It promotes the production of collagen in cartilage, promotes bone has healed fractures.

important vitamins for joints

1. Vitamin A

Promotes growth and repair connective tissue recovery after injury.Increases immunity, has powerful antioxidant properties.

2. Vitamin C

C combined with A - essential vitamins in osteochondrosis and arthritis.Vitamin C helps the active production of collagen in the connective tissue and cartilage.The affected joints losing up to 93% of vitamin C from the daily norm, and in dire need of filling it.Taking these vitamins contribute to the treatment and prevention of diseases of the joints, and increases the body's immunity.

Vitamins for fractures

3. Vitamin E

necessary for regeneration processes of bone and cartilage tissue.A powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen blood vessels, and supports the whole body.

4. Vitamins B5 and 6.

This vitamins for joints and bones that contribute to their healing and regeneration.

5. Copper.

It has an antibacterial effect, helps with inflammation and rheumatism, is involved in the production of collagen.Its use is necessary in any joint diseases and their prevention.It should be taken during the period of rehabilitation after fracture.

6. Selenium.

trace element with a broad spectrum of action: improves the immune system, helps to regenerate cartilage, relieve arthritic pain in the joints.It promotes the development of synovial fluid - the natural lubrication of the joints, and the destruction that is caused by arthritis, bursitis, mechanical damage to the joints and other diseases.

The correct vitamin complex, comprising the above-mentioned vitamins and minerals, will protect you from the pain in the joints, prevent many diseases to which they are subject, as well as strengthen the bone.

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