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How to remove the lugs on the hips: exercise video

How to remove the lugs on the hips: exercise video expression "lugs on the hips" for most causes a smile, except that the owners of this "decoration" is not funny.What tabs on the thighs?This drooping skin folds, or leather pouches which are on the sides of the hips, waist level.Why

ears appear on thighs?In general, when you move a little and eat high-calorie foods.So, how to remove the tabs on the thighs?Details in our article.

Exercises from the lugs on the hips

Get rid of the tabs on the hips can be.To do this, first of all, you must eliminate from your diet flour and fatty foods.Follow the diet, do not overeat.And, secondly, the sport.There are special exercises to get rid of the tabs at the hips.

most important exercise is mahi ago.For the lugs back swing to be at 45 degrees.

How to remove the lugs on the hips: exercise video

Lie on the floor, place your hands along the body and lift the pelvis.Try to do climbs above the level of the stomach, keeping his legs.Make some thirty lifts.

Simple squats also save you from the tabs at the hips.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart,

keep your back straight and start to squat.When do the same, only with the information down.

Just great help to deal with ears squat thrusts.Set the one foot forward and start to squat.At the same time, keep your back straight, pinch shoulder blades and make sure that your knee does not go beyond the level of the foot.After the change leg.

Get on your knees, put your hands on the floor in front of him.Lift the left leg parallel to the floor and bend the knee.Begin to raise and lower it.Then do the same with the other leg.
How to remove the lugs on the hips: exercise video

Halakup - is power

use halakupa will give you amazing results in a short time.Halahup - a gymnastic hoop.It helps to make your body slim and fit, develop plasticity and flexibility of the body, significantly reduce body fat in the abdominal area.

How to train with a hoop?Very simple.Stand up straight, put the feet shoulder-width apart, toes and feet should "look" outside.Hold halahup at the waist, the hips rotate his movements.Engage can be ten minutes, most importantly, do it regularly.


Tidy tabs on the hips can be not only at home.You will also jogging or brisk walking.The most important point in removing the tabs at the hips - is burning fat.Therefore, running and will give you good results.

How to remove the lugs on the hips: exercise video

It is best to alternate fast running with a quick step.This will lead to burning more calories.After jogging necessarily go to the step and otdyshites.

Video tutorial

For clarity exercises suggest you watch the video.In it you will learn more about how to get rid of the tabs at the hips.

Most importantly, remember to clean the ears on the thighs is not difficult, the main thing - really want.Train set yourself new goals and win.

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