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What should I do to quickly grown thin face?

What should I do to quickly thinner person per week - reviews slimming exercises

models in commercials cosmetics or on magazine covers - look at them, and also want to have a beautiful line of cheekbones and smooth oval face.And what about those who have moon-faced cheeks and a double chin.

At first it may seem that the person - it's not waist or hip - just fitness workouts was not pumped up.So what to do?The answer lies in the human anatomy.

In - First , in the face of human fat cells are present.When you lose weight, body fat usually decreases throughout the body simultaneously.Therefore, to face thinner - to get rid of excess weight around the body.How do you probably already know: a balanced low-calorie diet and exercise.

In - Second , a person's face, as well as the whole body is composed of muscles.And you can pump up the muscles.This method is useful primarily owners of chubby cheeks or a double chin with the slim figure.It is also useful to tone muscles, and those who have already lost weight.

How to lose weight quickly in the face: exercise

There are a set of e

xercises for weight loss and the formation of the beautiful lines of the face.Here are some of them:

pat : to warm up and stimulate blood circulation in the chin and cheeks knock them palms.Only without special diligence, the person - rather delicate part of the body where the bruises to anything.

pronounce the vowel : Sit up straight and lift your head a little bit;Speak clearly, actively working mouth vowels "Y" and "Y".You can pronounce all the letters of the alphabet.

four points : still sitting straight, pull the jaw forward and then tilt it back, without changing the position of the head;then tilt your head left and right.The position is always the same person - just to look ahead.

Circle : try not using the shoulders and back, chin to describe a circle in the plane of the floor.This sophisticated version of the "four points".Only from position to position you move smoothly connecting these points.

Spin : rotate your head to one side, then the other.

Turns : turn your head trying to reach his chin down to his shoulders.

pendulum : move a person forward - backward.The movement is from the chin.Like a bird pecks grains.You can move from side to side as if your lugs tied rope and pulled them over in turn.

Relaxation : type in the mouth air, puffing out his cheeks at the same time strongly, then quickly exhale relaxing the lips and saying "PFP".Can you exhale say the letter "O" or "U".

For a quick effect it is recommended at first to stick food without salt.Because the body will take all the excess fluid.Within a week you will notice that the person lost weight, decreased volume of cheeks and chin

Just slimming face using different masks from popular recipes and modern pull-cream.Excellent stimulates circulation this technique: brew chamomile and pour the resulting broth to form ice.Every morning, after washing rub an ice cube face and neck.It is very useful.You will see, over time, facial skin will be tightened and shine.
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