Dietary supplements for weight loss

Meridia - drug treatment of obesity

Meridia (Meridia) - is one of the drugs for weight loss, refers to Parapharmaceuticals and is a regulator of appetite.

Meridia has many contraindications, it is not a food additive, a drug, which is sold only in pharmacies on prescription by a doctor.Prescribe Merida alimentary obesity cases (referred to as alimentary obesity, which is the cause of poor diet and not other diseases, for example, associated with disruption of the endocrine glands) with a body mass index (BMI) of at least 30.

If you are unable to self-limitthe number of calories absorbed and thus have extra weight to the aid of modern science and the pharmaceutical industry.Do not limit yourself, the drug Meridia diet will do it for you.

Meridia manufactured by Knoll AG Germany (Germany).To confirm the effectiveness of the drug company to conduct clinical trials, which were invited more than 20,000 volunteers.And it confirmed the high efficiency Meridia.

Active ingredient - sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate (sibutramine).

    Sibutramine directly affects the satiety center of the brain, controlling the amount of food consumed and creating a feeling of satiety.So, do not be tempted to go to the kitchen and snack sandwich.

Meridia not only reduces appetite and normalize digestion and metabolism, causing the body to spend more energy, lowers cholesterol.

Meridia - the prolonged use of the drug.Usually assigned to receive Meridia for 3-6 months, during which time you reach the optimal weight.Minimum time of application - 3 months.Short

    the drug has no effect, since the effect of its growing gradually.

produced Meridia capsules (10 and 15 mg), taken once a day.Starting dose - 10 mg per day.Moreover, if during the first 4 weeks, body weight decrease less than 2 kg, the physician may increase the dose to 15 mg per day.

Meridia should not be used uncontrollably also because under the guidance of a doctor, you have to develop the right eating habits, not to gain weight again after stopping treatment.

Developers offer to anyone who wants to lose weight formula 10-20-30:

  • 10 mg - is offered at an early stage daily dosage of the drug,
  • 20% - on average as much in reducing the amount of food eaten when taking Meridia,
  • 30 minutes exercise daily increase efficacy (3 foot by 10 minutes).

Manufacturers deny the possibility of dependence to the drug.

contraindications to receiving Meridia are many, among them:

anorexia nervosa and bulimia;
drug and alcohol dependency;
diseases associated with changes in liver and kidney function;
diseases associated with disorders of the thyroid gland;
heart and vascular disease, including heart failure, thrombophlebitis, tachycardia, arrhythmia, previous stroke, hypertension
pregnancy, lactation;
children's age (18 years), older age (over 65 years).

Meridia - drug during the reception which may have side effects:

sensation of dryness in the mouth;
nausea, dizziness;
hypertension (no more than 3 mm. Hg. V);
palpitations 3-7 strokes with no evidence of arrhythmia;
constipation, hemorrhoids aggravation;
insomnia, anxiety.

According to the manufacturer, the side effects usually do not require discontinuation of the drug and are themselves after a while.

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