Exercise for Weight Loss

How to lose weight while cycling

How to lose weight, riding a bike: it helps you lose weight riding?

As a child, all drove on bicycles.A wonderful time, when the main task was to overtake a friend or just "reeling" circles in the district.And it was not a single cyclist plump, right?Now, in the "adult" world, virtually no time for such entertainment, not to mention the special training and cyclocross.But the bike - it's a great opportunity to not only actively, quality and fun, but also to lose weight and become more resilient to improve the functioning of the heart, to get rid of otdyshek and others.

Is it possible to lose weight with the help of a bicycle?

The answer is simple - yes!And not only lose weight but also improve your physical and emotional state.What are the benefits of regular cycling?

  • Increase endurance in everyday life.Much easier it would be to climb the stairs to the upper floors of buildings, walk long distances, play with the kids and more.
  • weight reduction.At constant velonagruzkah it can be very healthy to lose in volume, especially if you follow the right treatment and
    training program.
  • Strengthening the thigh muscles.Arrivals are utilized not only the muscles of the legs, but also all the muscles of the legs, so if you want a slim, podkachennye legs that are not ashamed to show in the summer - the bike will help you.
  • Getting rid of cellulite.Bicycle best removes cellulite, skin tightening and strengthening the muscles.It is a terrible problem for women, which can be solved through the conventional bicycle.

But the ride does not need a reason, and following the respective mode, and a training schedule.One of the main rules - the regularity, which means the need to travel at least 3 times a week is better - 4. But be zealous not worth it, because soon after the grueling daily commute bike would be a bad dream, and training - a duty, and it is not palatable pleasure.Travel time to start, can be set at 30 minutes, and then continually raise the bar.

now readily available good quality racing bikes which kitted several gears.So from the beginning of training is recommended to select first gear.They are fairly easy to pedal, but increasing higher transmission and power scroll pedals.Professional athletes are advised to alternate several types of training:

  • moderate;
  • endurance;
  • speed.

During moderate exercise to choose a comfortable speed and overcome (already in good physical shape) of about 10-20 km.It is this kind of training works best to burn fat throughout the body.Endurance training are on a fairly long distances - up to 50 km, during which time it is not necessary to look at the time and, alternating between transmission and speed, just to overcome the distance.Well, speed training - this training, which require holding a constant speed during the whole time employment, or road segment, for example, 20 km / h.

Thus, to determine the area to travel and the time that will be allocated to them, you can successfully gain a personal training schedule, taking into account the species variations of drive.Much to lose weight can be in the presence and three workouts per week, if each of them will be made on the conscience.