Exercise for Weight Loss

Water aerobics - losing weight with the exercises in the water

Water aerobics - is the classic aerobics, only carried out in the water.Water creates an environment in which it is necessary to make efforts to overcome its density.Therefore, the load on the body as it sharply increased.Typically, water aerobics exercises are held in the pool, this is the main attribute of the ongoing occupation.Of course, you must have a swimsuit, but usually does not wear a hat, because athletes are standing waist-deep in water.

What good water aerobics

  1. risk of injury in the water is reduced to almost zero.Water has the ejector effect, it reduces the force of gravity, so the exercises are performed much easier.This directly applies to the joints, the load on them is also reduced.Therefore, water aerobics is recommended for people older and suffering from overweight.In water
  2. muscles work more intensively.The density of water presents certain obstacles, so moving into her arms and legs are much heavier.
  3. movements to the beat of the music and the water itself is a positive ef
    fect on the human body.Circulation improves, starts intensive cardiovascular system, improves heart rate, swelling go away, the skin becomes elastic.
  4. Doctors concluded that water aerobics has no contraindications.She can deal with children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with more weight and even those who have suffered a heart attack.This is the question whether the aqua aerobics harm?

In fact, the exercises performed in the water with music - a dance, so the classes are held in a fun atmosphere.The water adds the desired effect, which invigorates the body.

it possible to lose weight with water aerobics

Like all exercise, water aerobics affects the weight of the athlete.If she is to practice regularly and consistently, the result will not be long in coming.Numerous references engaged aqua aerobics exercise is said that the first few lessons are all quite difficult.Pressures for a person who never played sports, really great.Therefore, during this period you should not hold to, is best done with a low traffic intensity.

But just two or three lessons drawn into the rhythm of the body, it becomes easier, but the load will be felt all the same.All the women in one voice say, that even in one month of training three to five kilograms of leaving you forever.And if you maintain regular visits to the swimming pool (3-4 days a week), the slimming effect is fixed, and the weight is reduced even further.But I would like to draw your attention here on a fact - if not a balanced diet, the effect may not be the same as you would like.Therefore council - aqua plus split meals - the best option to lose weight.But do not forget about the water, it should be drunk in large quantities - at least 1.5-2.0 liters per day.

See photo - water aerobics "before" and "after."And you will immediately understand how this complex affects the human body.

Water aerobics - exercise for weight loss

Before you start the exercises themselves, it is imperative to conduct a warm-up.These are simple movements that warm up the muscles.They should be conducted in a calm pace, without jerks.Then you can move on to the basic movements.

Exercise №1

Running on the spot with raised knees.The higher you raise your knees, the better.

Exercise №2

Mach feet to the side.These movements should be carried out smoothly, but very clear.You should feel the resistance of the water environment.

Exercise №3

Turn the body in different directions.If you want to enhance the effect of these movements, add bouncing.This kind tighten your stomach.

Exercise №4

For this you need the ball.Secure it between your legs and try to drown.This is a great load on your press.

These are uncomplicated movements.Of course, their version is estimated huge number of species and subspecies, but these are the most simple.To increase the load, you can use different sports equipment, which are manufactured specifically for water aerobics.This dumbbell, ball, special bar without sinking the wiring and so on.

suggest you watch the video - "Lessons of aqua aerobics."

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