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Lindaksa Lindaksa - a drug for weight loss, substance is - sibutramine (sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate).Manufacturer Lindaksy - Czech pharmaceutical company Zentiva.

The drug is sold in capsules of 10 and 15 mg.Packages are usually sold three blisters (30 capsules) and nine blisters (90 capsules).

«Lindaksa" - a drug that affects the central nervous system.Action sibutramine based on the anorectic effect, thanks to him in the body intensifies the feeling of satiety.In addition, sibutramine indirectly affects the brown adipose tissue, increasing the process of heat production by the body, accompanied by the consumption of fat reserves.

Usually "Lindaksa" prescribed for alimentary obesity with a body mass index (BMI) over 30, or with a body mass index over 27 if the patient has risk factors of type 2 diabetes and disorders of protein metabolism.This preparation is recommended for use in the treatment of those individuals, non-pharmacological treatment of obesity which does not give a positive effect d

uring 3 months.

Sibutramine provides a constant high level of "happiness hormone" serotonin.The man who took "Lindaksu" significantly reduced appetite, he will not want something to chew on constantly for pleasure.Reduction portions gradually reduces the volume of the stomach.
However, there is a concomitant of constant irritation, which happens during the observance of low-calorie diets.

The drug is designed to help people with alimentary obesity to learn to eat right.In applying the "Lindaksy" man begins to reduce the caloric content of the diet until the point where it starts to lose weight.Only in this way will be the right weight loss process, which should provide a weight loss of at least 2 kg in 4 weeks.During treatment, the human body gets used to a new lifestyle, a new diet, and after the drug lives by the same rules, with adequate physical activity, allowing the return of the lost weight is not happening.

If after discontinuation of the drug to return to old eating habits - extra weight comes back.The long-term result can be guaranteed only by a comprehensive approach, comprising receiving Lindaksa, changing eating behaviors and regular physical activity.

Lindaksu should appoint a doctor, taking into account all contraindications and possible side effects!

    Patients taking sibutramine-based drugs, it is necessary every two weeks to measure your blood pressure and heart rate at rest.

contraindicated to take "Lindaksu» an allergic reaction to sibutramine, coronary heart disease and chronic heart failure decompensation, vascular diseases, arrhythmias, hypertension, the presence of organic causes of obesity, anorexia or bulimia throughout life, the presence ofmental illness, syndrome Gilles de la Tourette's, while the use of other drugs of the central action (antidepressants, hypnotics, neuroleptics), while taking MAO inhibitors, hypothyroidism, severe renal dysfunction and liver, benign prostatic hyperplasia, pheochromocytoma, angle-closure glaucoma, drug addiction,alcoholism, pregnancy and lactation, under 18 and over 65 years.

Side effects when taking Lindaksy most concerned at the beginning of the course taking the drug (in the first month).Side effects of the drug are reversible and mostly easily tolerated.These include dry mouth, emotional lability, headache, insomnia, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, increased peripheral vascular disease (resulting in a reddening of the skin of the face and the feeling of raising the local temperature of facial skin), constipation, worsening of hemorrhoids, sweating,changes in taste.
after discontinuation of the drug in a few cases was an increase in appetite, headache.

start receiving the drug should be a dose of 10 mg.Subsequently, the physician may increase the dose, assigning Lindaksa 15 mg.

duration of intake at constant positive dynamics of weight loss can range from three months to a year.
doctor may prescribe, as a permanent taking the drug, and "pulsating" regimen: taking Lindaksa to achieve the effect (appetite suppressant), then a break before returning to the increased appetite, then resume reception and so on.

Analogs "Lindaksa":

    For drugs containing sibutramine are also German drugs and Meridia obestat, Russian drug Reduxine.


In the United States in 2010 banned the use of drugs that contain sibutramine.
In Europe, the ban on drugs with sibutramine was released earlier.
This is due primarily to the fact that the suffering of overweight people buy and Lindaksu taken without consulting a doctor.Meanwhile, according to statistics 70% of people are overweight, there are problems with the heart and Lindaksa it is contraindicated.