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7 exercises - Fitness for Beginners (video)

One of the important principles of healthy way of life - move more, do anything.Physical inactivity crushed our life: we sit in offices, lying on the couch at home, and this is not the best way to keep yourself in the normal form.But where to take the time to go to the gym, it is always not enough.Anyone who wants to be healthy, always finds time to spend a little training right at home.And it will take not much time, especially since there is no need to go somewhere.

Currently, fitness trainers offer seven main types of exercises that will help beginners to sustain itself.They are fairly simple, you can do them in any room (requires a small place), and for this it is necessary to purchase a simple sports equipment, as well as to establish a horizontal bar in the doorway.All it will cost is inexpensive, in any case, less than the monthly subscription to the gym.

Fitness for Beginners home

So, here we show you 7 exercises that form the basis for home workouts.

Watch the video "Home Fitness for Be

ginners" in order to properly carry out all the exercises described below.

Breeding dumbbells

These exercises today are the most popular because they can be used to form a correct posture and tighten the back and shoulders.Movements are simple enough so that a bar is just for Dummies.

picks up a dumbbell or a bottle filled with water and begin to raise them to the horizontal level (the hands do not bend).Do you want to complicate, then make a small movement with the bend of the trunk forward.By the way, the two racks can be changed alternately.


This type of exercise not only tightens the muscles of the legs, and buttocks.It is very important to squat low enough, thus should form a right angle leg, which is installed in front, that is, the leg support.Lunges without motion (static) well-trained co-ordination.And if you pick up a dumbbell, then the effect will be several times higher, also begins to work and further the upper zone of the body.


There are several varieties of this static exercise.Planck line is very simple.You make an emphasis on hands, which rest on the floor, and the toes.In principle, this is the first position in the push-ups.Only no movement should not be done, you just need a few minutes to fix the position.There are loaded in the main muscles of the back, which is very important for the spine.

in the same position can be complications, do support the elbows, and one arm pull ahead.Replace every two or three minutes hands.There posture side bar where support stands with one hand.In this case, you have to turn sideways and stretch a hand and foot to the floor, the second hand just pick up.Let's face it, this is not a simple exercise, so to him the way you have to go through a long training.

The last bar - rear.Focus on the hands and feet, you have only to look at the ceiling.


Nothing complicated about it.It is important to carry out these movements, without overtaxing.The best option for beginners - this is the standard position with divorced hands.As a sophisticated embodiment can use thrust arms tabulated at one point.If the conversation is in the "fitness for women beginners," then it may be advisable to do push-ups on the couch or on the wall.

Romanian thrust

This exercise is the base.It will be a good addition to all other movements.It can be done with or without weights.In the second embodiment, when the second leg squat will have to raise the floor to increase the load on the body.Romanian thrust forces to work the largest muscles.Note that even for trained athletes is rather complex exercise.


This, like push-ups, which is not easy.The only thing that I wanted to mention is the variety of exercises that depend on the distance between the hands, as well as the kind of grip crossbar.


most democratic and simple way to make your legs stronger.To increase the effect, you can crouch, holding a dumbbell, or sit on one leg, a second pulling forward.

As you can see, home fitness for Dummies - a small set of exercises that will master even for beginners.

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