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Siberian fiber for weight loss and health

Siberian fiber diet of fiber contained in fruits, vegetables, raw grains is necessary for our body.It is not absorbed by the body, but it performs a number of very useful features: swollen, fills the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety;its use prevents overeating;It stimulates colonic motility, and helps reduce cholesterol levels.In addition, tissue "prevents" the deposition of fat.

Recommendations Western nutritionists say that a daily intake of fat should be up to 25 m., But not less than 5 grams.Our ancestors got up to 60 grams.fiber, as their primary food was cereal from different whole grains.We, drawing the bulk of the fiber from fruits and vegetables, we find it is not so much.Judge for yourself how much you need to eat the product, if, for example, only 3 grams of a medium-sized apple, orange, banana in, carrot, tomato, glass thermally processed peas, 4 c.- In a medium-sized pear, strawberries in a glass, in baked potato with skin.

the average urban dweller in the diet of only 10% of daily calori

es make foods rich in fiber

fiber can make up the shortfall, using "Siberian fiber."

the Siberian fiber

Siberian Cellulose - a product that combines soluble plant fibers that are derived from herbs, fruits and berries.The complex composition will not only provide high efficacy for weight loss, but also to enrich the body needs vitamins and trace elements.

The Siberian tissue does not contain chemical additives and flavorings - this is a completely natural product ready for use.

As part of the Siberian fiber are always present: shell rye or (i) wheat wheat, additive berry (mountain ash, blueberries, etc.), supplements fruit (apricots, apples, etc.), and can be nuts (mostly kernel pine nuts).

effect from the use of Siberian fiber

Siberian fiber - a multi-faceted product, regular consumption of which leads to:

  • weight loss and weight stabilization,
  • use fiber enhances peristalsis and bowel cleansing,
  • development and maintenance of normal intestinal microflora,
  • stabilize blood sugar,
  • reduce cholesterol levels in the blood (fiber absorbs cholesterol, accelerating its excretion from the body),
  • shortfall vitamins and minerals,
  • increase skin elasticity,
  • prevent a number of diseases (including cardiovascularvascular, colon cancer, formation of stones in the gallbladder).

How to take
cellulose fiber before use diluted in water.After the adoption should drink plenty of fluids.The daily rate of 3-4 tablespoons, should be divided by 3-4 hours, which is used for half an hour before a meal.

The very use of the daily value will force the body to burn about 120 calories.


Siberian fiber is not recommended to use for people who have gastrointestinal disease, such as ulcers, gastritis, colitis, and others.

as Siberian fiber helps to lose weight
swollen, fiber creates a feeling of fullness, preventing the feeling of hunger.This allows you to safely reduce caloric intake.The body, the limited food in the diet, whenever possible, tries to make up for their losses, so it is difficult to maintain weight after dieting.

The fiber fills the stomach, prevent hunger urge - the stomach will not send signals to the brain, "distress" about the lack of food, it will be easier to reduce the size of the portions.Fiber diet for weight loss is much more efficient: better maintained, the result is fixed at that level.

Regular consumption of Siberian fiber - a saturation of the body with useful substances, and accompanying weight loss will be a pleasant surprise.

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