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Hidden V.I.Vorobeva gymnastics - exercises, reviews and videos

Gymnastics Vorobyov has been developed in the last century in the eighties.Its purpose - to quickly and efficiently load on some parts of the human body.The development has been applied in establishments where employees are classified as "armchair", that is, they are all day sitting at the table.These exercises are so effective and simple that they lacked of six to eight minutes.And if every hour is spend time, a man always feels good.

But, as often happens, with the collapse of the Soviet Union are gone some useful side of the former state.And hidden gymnastics Vorobyov was no exception.Well, that revived it today, and as is often the case, the old and proven once again become popular.

meaning and exercise gymnastics Vorobyov

In order to do these simple exercises, you need a little space, for example, the workplace.You can spend them sitting or standing, each exercise should be performed 40 times.Pay particular attention to the latter condition, it is the basis of this type of gymnastics.

So here are eight exercises that can be performed in a different sequence.

  1. Sit in a chair is not straight, let your feet fit snugly to the floor.Now raise and lower heel, but the socks should not come off the floor.
  2. Now, the same thing, only with socks.The heels do not come off.Forty
  3. time squeeze and relax the muscles of the buttocks.This exercise can be done sitting or standing.It is at your discretion.
  4. exhaling air from the lungs, try as far as possible involve the stomach.On the exhale, return it to its original position.For many, this exercise will not be easy, so fifteen times will suffice.
  5. blades start to move in the direction of the spine.Please note - you can not move the shoulders, the back should be straight.This is a great exercise that will strengthen your back muscles, and therefore the spine itself.Movement can be done sitting in a chair or standing.
  6. hands at shoulder level apart.Now just clenched and unclenched his fists.This is, firstly, strengthen muscles in the arms, and, secondly, to give back rest.Mandatory condition - correct posture.
  7. heads turn alternately left and right.No sudden movements.
  8. And the last exercise concerns a person.Stick out his chin forward, these movements make skin supple, improves self-loop, double chin appears.

amazing what gymnastics Vorobyov used as exercise and weight loss.Of course, the first three days will not sweet.It seems to be simple movement, but our laziness is opposed to everything.It is important to make yourself, you will have to show character.And on the fourth day of the whole complex will be held on the machine.It's just a habit.A week later, standing on the scales, you'll notice that the arrow went down.Not much, but went.

feedback what gymnastics Vorobyov?The only positive.It has no contraindications, and in many cases it is the only way to somehow maintain their health.It is no secret that the number of office workers from year to year only increases.And when he comes home, we try to lie down on a couch or sit by the TV or computer.Complete lack of exercise.Here just a few minutes, and you're fine.Of course, it would have to be given to the very minute every hour, but it's still not much, than, say, running around the stadium for hours or pull of gravity in the gym.

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