Exercise for Weight Loss

Rope exercise for weight loss

Rope exercise for weight loss
Exercise is essential for weight loss - it is known to all.Without them, it is practically impossible to lose weight effectively, but the time to visit the fitness center, swimming pool, or simply jogging is often lacking.Fortunately, there are familiar to us from childhood rope, with which you can deal effectively with any free minute. use the rope to lose weight!Regular exercise will not only help to make legs slender, but also contribute to getting rid of cellulite.

Why losing weight is possible with a rope?Even in moderate-intensity activities - do 100 jumps per minute, for 15 minutes burns about 200 calories.Effectively there is no need to overwork.Accordingly, jump rope for weight loss is best suited for people who are overweight.

Benefits of jumping rope to lose weight:

  • On the effectiveness of the exercises with a rope can be compared with studies with cardiovascular equipment.
  • Jumping develop flexibility and coordination, forming a beautiful posture.
  • jump on the rope can be any free

When you need to lose weight in the hips, jumping rope simply has no equal.If you want to achieve a quick and maximum effect, experts recommend to combine exercise with a rope to an exercise bike.But alone jumping will help to achieve significant results in the first week of classes: will be enhanced muscle tone, increase their density, there will be decrease in the hips.

stimulation of the cardiovascular system, different muscle groups, prevention of varicose veins due to the elimination of stagnation in them, removes toxins from the body - all this may contribute to exercises with a rope.The body comes in tone, however, is changing for the better mental attitude, the confidence in their abilities.By the way, the useful effect enhances green tea, which is recommended to drink after exercise.

How to choose a rope

The first step is to find a suitable length of rope.If the rope properly selected to suit your height, you will be able to do the exercises more clearly and actively, creating maximum load.As a result of the effect of the training will be great.

  • For growth to 1.52 meters suitable length of rope equal to 210 cm,
  • from 1.52 m to 1.67 m - 250 cm,
  • to 1.83 m - 280 cm,
  • with growthfrom 1.83 - rope length of 310 cm.

How to jump on the rope to lose weight?

should start with simple jumps.Desirably, they were low.The body during exercise should remain fixed in one position, and perform all the work to go on foot, forearm and wrist.If you jump right, provided the effect of weight loss due to the load distribution between the problem areas.Perhaps you run it right can not be immediately, but over time it will be an easy task.The rate should be increased gradually, starting with quiet.About

extra pounds will be forgotten very soon, important to combine regular exercise for 10 minutes a day with a healthy diet and unloading days.The effect will not be slow to manifest.As for the other diets, of course, it is better to consult a doctor because a combination of rope and a rigid diet may be invalid and cause a breakdown.

set of exercises with a rope

As with any exercise, start with warm-up exercises:

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight and hands in front, slightly bent at the elbows.Perform squats.Do it slowly until thighs are parallel to the floor.Return to starting position.Repeat 8-15 times.
  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight.Lunged forward until the thigh is parallel floor.Keep the other leg straight.Return to starting position.Repeat 8-15 times on each leg.

After the warm-up you can start jumping rope.Try to achieve stillness hands making rotational movement mainly wrists.Sami try to keep your hands close to your body and do not make too wide movements.

For all the exercises with a rope one starting position: keep your back straight, feet put together, bend your elbows so that at the level of the hips were the brush.And of course, it is necessary in each hand, hold the end of the rope.

Single jumping rope :
began to slowly rotate the rope, jump, pushing socks.Slightly bend your knees when landing.One bouncing must match one turn of the rope.Gradually accelerates the pace.

Jumping with the change of feet :
at a fast pace then jump to the right, then on the left foot, as if simulating running in place.

double jump :
for each revolution of the rope to make two jumps.This exercise is done slowly during these jumps can restore breathing.

Jumping sideways :
jump left and right turns.

Jumping back and forth :
jump alternately back and forth.

to start each exercise follow the order of 2 minutes, gradually increasing the time.Good results will be visible after a month or two with regular sessions 3 times a week.