Exercise for Weight Loss

Swimming in the pool as a means for weight loss

Swimming in the pool as a means for weight loss
In order to lose weight, not necessarily to engage in grueling workouts in the gym.There is a way much more easier, also more enjoyable.Swimming in the pool - this is a great option to slightly lose weight and maintain your body in good shape.Moreover, the density of water is such that the load of swimming motions are reduced to three times, and the decrease of pressure on the joints, which for many people is the important factor.

How to lose weight in the pool

Immediately reservation that lose in the pool can not do everything.It all depends on how you swim, and how to swim.Some mistakenly believe that ordinary bultyhanie in the water 10-15 minutes - it is a few hundred calories burned.No doubt some will burn calories, here no one will argue, but they will be so little that can be considered - the time has passed in vain.The error lies in the fact that the trainees a splash in the water and could barely move.And it is necessary to swim.

So, how to swim in the pool?The first thing to go intensiv

ely.And, secondly, it is necessary to periodically change the styles of swimming, because each style to certain muscles, which means that the load is evenly distributed throughout the body.

Experienced coaches insist that the pulse of the floating person shows exactly how many calories it burns during the race.For example, if the pulse is in the range 130-150 beats, then for an hour swimming in the pool is burned between 600 to 1300 calories.Why such a big gap?All depends on the weight of your muscles more than them, the greater the flow of energy to overcome the density of water, and thus, more calories are burned.Here you can add swimming speed and style, which you float.

Speaking of styles.

  • most intense of all - a butterfly.In addition, he is the most difficult.Members do not own the butterfly technique, but you can learn it quickly and make it mandatory.If you stay for an hour in the pool you are five minutes or six swims this style, the benefits of swimming will be several times more.
  • Kroll - the best of energy consumption.But they just swim, his technique is simple.From this style little tired.Therefore it is recommended to use 20-30 minutes per hour.If this heat you feel heavy, then break the distance to two or three segments, changing the crawl on brace or back, back again to the front crawl.
  • Bras is the low-speed style, but his technique is one of the most difficult.Swim this way for a long time impossible, so it is necessary to allocate ten minutes, no more.
  • on the back.This style - the perfect complement to the overall complex.Firstly, it is a pleasure to swim, the body rests and relaxes a little.Secondly, so you can pull up the shape and straighten your posture.

To witness everything that was written above, see attached video - "Types of swimming in the pool."

And one very important condition that the question how to deal with in the pool.It relates to the water temperature.The water in the pool is always either a temperature lower than the human body.Therefore, many believe that to maintain this temperature, the body starts to burn fat, especially subcutaneous.But have you ever seen thin seals?Everything happens on the contrary - low temperatures stimulate our body, which begins to accumulate the same fat, making him a good thermal insulation.Therefore, so it does not accumulate, and burned, we must move quickly.By the way, the water temperature in the pool should not be below + 24C.

Finally.Water - a great massazhory and more intensively you ride, the more massage.One hour of swimming in the pool replacing a professional masseur, a session which is several times more expensive.Exposure to water is identical: broken cellulite, improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, displays the excess liquid.

So to summarize.Enjoy swimming in the pool is huge, with this debate, no one will.Someone will approach a half-hour visit to someone in an hour, it's not so important.The main thing - it is necessary to swim.But answering the question of how many times a week you need to walk to the pool, the answer - 3 times is normal.

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