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Yoga for weight loss : exercise

Yoga for Weight Loss Sometimes as yoga for weight loss teaches conventional hatha yoga or Iyengar yoga.Indeed, the systematic practice any style of yoga can lead to weight loss, because all kinds of ancient gym can soothe the spirit, strengthen the body, speed up the metabolism and allow you a more sober look at his own life, diet, and rest of the day.However, in the modern fitness facilities, there are special yoga for weight loss compiled in such a way that you not only strengthens the muscles, but also burn as many calories during a workout.We offer you yoga exercises for weight loss are fitness trends, they are working to a greater extent with the physical side of the problem.But spiritually rich yoga practice is better in a special school.

way, you can watch the video lessons - "Yoga for weight loss."

Lose Weight With Yoga: the frequency and input rules

These simple rules will help you double the employment effectiveness of the training system of yoga for weight loss.First of all, try to work in the morning, bef

ore breakfast, on an empty stomach, or refrain from eating for at least three hours before class.Food supply in the stomach can disrupt breathing technique, which is half of your success in the classroom.

Try to work not on the number of repetitions, and the quality of the exercise.Even if you can not perform all repeat the exercise to lose weight, try to do as much as you can work efficiently.This is the basic principle of yoga - to monitor the state of their own and gradually improve it, not pay attention to the external environment.

Engage standing barefoot in comfortable clothes.The room before training is necessary to ventilate a bit, but do not start a draft, and do not let the body hypothermia.

daily workout

Like all exercise, yoga for weight loss begins with a warm-up.Follow it as morning exercises, as soon as got out of bed, after using the toilet.You can drink a glass of water before practice.Open a window or go outside.Stand up straight in a comfortable position, but the shoulders expand.Perform a sharp deep breath and hold your breath for a comfortable for you.Then exhale naturally.Do 10 breaths.

then makes multi breaths at least 10 times.Inhale small meals 3-4 times, and exhale as well, without delay.Exercise awakens your inner energy, the sound should be strong, but intermittent.Imagine breathing a big dog running after a hot day.

Yoga exercises for weight loss

After the breathing exercise you can begin to greet the Sun

Yoga for weight loss Sun Salutation
Stand up straight, feet shoulder width of the pelvic bones, knees straight.Stretch both arms up, in parallel to the ears, pull the spine, breathing naturally, then reset the power and lean forward to the toes.The hands rest on the floor.Again, pull the spine, relax the shoulders clips, slightly tighten the body to the legs.Transfer the weight on hands and jump, go straight at the toes and hands.Hold this position for 3-4 breaths and slowly sank to the floor due to voltage triceps.Can not seconds as "hover" above the floor.Lie down with his hands clasped in castle and arch your back to the cobra pose.Place the palm of your hand at the level of the chest and pushed, please downward facing dog pose (like the inverted L).Step into the right foot between the hands, tear off the body "from the hip" and straightened into a lunge, holding out his hands up.Hold for a couple of cycles and return to the stand with his arms up (mountain pose) Repeat the cycle 3-4 times on each leg.This is one of the best yoga exercises for weight loss.It is simple, but very effective.

Bundle press and waist

Yoga for weight loss, Bundle press and waist
Take the focus of the position strap on straight arms.Hold for 60 seconds.Then tear off alternately right and left leg straight and "hangs" on each leg for 30 seconds.Then move into the side bar (T-position), based on the one hand, straight legs.Capture of T-pose on each side for 20-30 seconds.At the end of bundles sit on the buttocks and accept the position of the letter V, his hands pull ahead.Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds.Repeat bundle 1 or 2 times.This is a great yoga exercise for weight loss abdomen.

Bundle back and arms

Yoga for weight loss, Bundle back and arms

Take plank pose on straight arms.Slowly press the floor 10 times so that your forearms are parallel to the body (as in the Sun Salutation).Then use the Cobra, but his hands pull on the sides so that the body resembles the letter T on top, and bring the shoulder blades toward the spine.Fix the position for 30-60 seconds and go to the dog muzzle down, remaining in the position for 30 seconds.Repeat as necessary.

Bundle thighs and buttocks
From Mountain pose (direct reception) Lower into a squat as if sitting down on a chair.Reach arms up, buttocks and back.Secure the lowest point for 60 seconds, breathe.Then follow the "swallow" (stand on one leg with the body and leg parallel to the floor), 30 seconds on each leg.Finally, descend in a pose warrior 1, or direct attack, holding the position for 30 seconds on each leg.This is a good yoga exercise for weight loss legs, not just the thighs and buttocks.At the end of

sit on the floor, stretch the body to the right foot for 30 seconds, follow the shoulder bridge or birch for 30 seconds and relax quietly in a posture lying on the floor.These are yoga exercises for weight loss today recommended fitness trainers.

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