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How to build a press for 15 minutes

error all those who are going to swing the press, bringing its state up to six cubes, is that this case will have to spend a lot of different exercises (twists).They think so, but many simply believe.But today, experienced coaches offer a completely simplified processes, which are based on simple exercises.With their help, you can pump up the press for 15 minutes.

But let's face it.All your efforts turn to ashes if the rolled dice will remain under a layer of fat.The press will, there is no doubt, but it will not be visible.And what if all these initiatives, because a beautiful body to be seen, not hidden under the back of his jersey.Therefore council - to reduce the number of calories consumed.Or sit on a diet, or decrease portions of food eaten.But in any case, from the belly fat to get rid.

6 drill press for 15 minutes

In this article, we suggest you use the six exercises, each of which will have to spend a little more than two minutes.Let's face it, these movements require you some effort, bu

t the time of their not so big, so even beginners are under force.

  1. Lie on your back, face up, bend your knees.Please note, the soles of the feet must lie on the floor horizontally, firmly adhering to it.Pick up a dumbbell (weight of each determines for himself), pull the arms back behind your head.Now safely lift the body, that is, sit down.We sat down - now back to its original position.Hands in any case can not be bent.Repeat this exercise 12-15 times.
  2. you need a bench.Sit comfortably at her and held her palms edge.Now simultaneously lift your knees to your chest and at the same time serve the body itself forward.12 repetitions.
  3. For this exercise you need a ball.It is necessary to lie on the floor face up.Between ankles hold the ball, hands in the parties.Now raise the legs to the vertical state and miss them.It is important that the projectile does not slip.12 repetitions.
  4. exercises with dumbbells.Lie down on the floor, staring at the ceiling.Legs bent at the knees, soles firmly pressed to the floor.We picked up a dumbbell (one or two), joined them on the chest.Now lift the trunk with a turn in the same direction, taking posture "sitting".Next, go to the original position and repeat the same thing, only with the opposite rotation of the body.10 repetitions.
  5. To do this exercise, you need a cable simulator.It is necessary to kneel before him, the ends of the cable tightens his hands to the level of the head.Now, three bows forward with a focus on two knees, on the right and on the left.10 repetitions.
  6. In this case, no shells are not provided.You just have to go back to the floor on his back.Bend your knees, soles firmly pressed to the floor, bring your hands to his temples.Now some lifts (you can just lift your head only) and make a turn in any direction.Similarly, again with a turn in the opposite direction.10 repetitions.

only 15 minutes to pump the press, but this should be done every day.You should not be lazy, if you put in front of a good goal.Of course, not all the movements of this complex on the shoulder for beginners.It is therefore recommended not to do 10-12 sets and 5-6.At the initial stage (couple of weeks) will be sufficient.But the transition to a full course still necessary.

There are other ways to press the pump for 15 minutes, they developed a lot.Some coaches offer enhanced exercise with weights.The effect of them is good, but every day so engaged contraindicated.Typically, these workouts is allocated three days, then two days break.

One technique that can be used at home, watch videos - "press for 15 minutes."

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