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Beautiful body - strength training at home for women

movable body, easy gait, graceful posture - is the dream of many women.To achieve all of this is not very difficult.First - it is necessary to restrict your diet to lose weight.Second - do sports, give the body a small load.But, as is often the case, there is no time for classes.What to do?- Age-old question, torturing many of us.The answer is simple, practice fitness at home.Again the question - is it possible and how quickly will the result of this exercise?

In this world nothing is impossible no longer exists, so strength training for women, or rather its elements today are advertised in large quantities.In this article we want to highlight some of them, our experts believe that this small complex not only help women become slim, but also remove some diseases, suffer occasionally you.

There is a category of women who all doubts.They believe that the power load on the woman's body can lead to the formation of the convex muscles, and it is not always beautiful.Let's start with the fact that t

he muscle (its length) affects the hormone testosterone.And in the female body it is so small that the muscles without additional medications and injections will not grow.They thicken, become plastic, a little increase in volume - and, no frills.So you can safely accept the proposed exercises to use.

program of strength training at home

Exercise №1

posture - standing, feet shoulder width apart.Picks up a dumbbell, bend your elbows so that the dumbbells are at the level of your shoulders.Please note that the palms are facing inward, ie, at each other.

now do squats.It is important to focus on the heel.Try to sit down so that your thighs are parallel to the floor.Now take the original position and thus raise your hands up over your head.We do a few repetitions.

Attention!In carrying out these movements follow so that the emphasis falls on the heels.Weight dumbbells can vary 2,5-7,0 kg.In this case, it strengthens the muscles of the legs, arms, buttocks, back.

Exercise №2

For this you need a chair with a back.Place it in a meter away from you, bend at the waist, the back should be parallel to the floor, not gorbtes.Feet shoulder width apart.Right leg thrust forward.Slightly bend your knees.Right hand leaned on the back of a chair.In the left hand take a dumbbell, let it loose weight.Now lift your arm to the waist and a little lock it in this position.Lower it.Several approaches with the right hand, and then go to the left hand.

Attention!Raise your hand, be sure to strain the muscles of the chest and press.Use dumbbells weighing 2,5-7,0 kg.This enhanced strength training back muscles, shoulders, biceps.

Exercise №3

position - standing, feet shoulder width apart.In the hands of a dumbbell.To make a step forward with one foot.The second bend at the knee, try to sit down so that the knee is almost reaches the floor.It is necessary to strain your abdominal muscles.To make these movements, changing pace.Then do all the same, to lunge back.

Attention!It is important that the body has always been in the upright state.Body weight is evenly distributed on both feet.

Exercise №4

Set your legs slightly wider than shoulder width, the hands take dumbbells.Lean forward so that the body was parallel to the floor.Arms down now spread them apart and drop back.These movements are called "butterfly".

Attention!It is important to keep the legs and body motionless, always monitor the body.Sway back and shoulder muscles.

Exercise №5

holding dumbbells, feet shoulder width apart.Now straighten your arms in front of him, palms inward.Lean slightly forward and at the same time a little sit down.Bring your body to a position that turned out to be a dumbbell bent at the knees.

Attention!The back should always be straight, dumbbells on the floor can not be omitted.Strengthens the muscles of the back and buttocks.

Here's a simple strength training, which can be used in the home, and women and men.

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