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Exercises after delivery

Exercises after delivery exercises after childbirth seems a matter of distant future.However, even in the eighties of the last century, women were advised to start training simple exercises almost in the hospital ward.In fact, feasible classes are always needed, and if you have no serious medical contraindications to training need to start as soon as possible.

figure after giving birth

First of all, do not be afraid.Even the most slender women see themselves these changes.

How does figure after giving birth :

  • expansion of the pelvis;
  • enlarged abdomen, stretched anterior abdominal wall;
  • swelling and decreased muscle tone.

This fully restore the figure after giving birth is possible only with the help of exercise and diet (see. Diet after giving birth).And training plays a decisive role."Postpartum abdomen" removed only by special motion for transverse muscles and breathing exercises, diet will not help to reduce the cross-stretched muscles and strengthen the rectus muscle of the abdomen.

exercises for the abdomen
after childbirth

First - fourth week can not only deal with those who underwent a caesarean section or difficult birth, which was a consequence of suturing.The first month - the best time for breathing exercises.First of all, learn diaphragmatic breathing.Lying on his back with all his forces gather in the stomach inside, as if you want to paste the front wall of the abdomen to the spine.Then slowly breathe in, directing the air into the chest, the abdominal muscles while holding the clamp.Hold your breath for 10-12 accounts and repeat 10-20 times.The first time will be dizzy, but you need to perform this movement every day, as soon as you got out of bed.

As recovery after childbirth you will need to complete this exercise, exercises for the stomach:
breath cat

Get on all fours, arch your lower back up.In this position, perform 2 cycles of diaphragm breathing, and then - arch your lower back down, but the belly bulge, another 2 cycles of breath, repeat 10 times.


Stand up straight at the forearms and toes, stomach sucked in, fix the position, do not lift the pelvis, do 10 breaths (inhale-exhale-delay).

Lifting legs

Sit on a chair, on the very edge of the seat.Pull the belly, lift your legs, knees bent upward, and try to pull them off the floor so as not to bend at the waist and not "dissolve" the stomach.Hold the point of highest tension for 10 breaths.

Once you master the mini-complex, can supplement it with exercise of the systems Bodyflex, Oksisayz and classical twists and leg raises to the press on the floor.

Exercises for losing weight after childbirth

Exercise for weight loss should be combined with the training of the abdominal muscles.In the first two months, you'll need to spend five forty-minute moderate-intensity exercise per week.It could be walking briskly, roller skating, ice skating, skiing at a moderate pace, training on a treadmill or elliptical trainer.The secret is that you do focus on the duration of training and the maintenance of the so-called "fat burning heart rate" (60 percent of maximum heart rate), and not to "records and jerks."

Interval exercise to lose weight after giving birth, for example, the alternation of light jogging with jumping rope, should include only 3-6 month recovery period.In addition, the second and third month after childbirth should be two to three times a week to engage in Pilates, Callanetics or strength training with weights to pull your figure.

But before you go to the gym or to start home workouts, be sure to check with your doctor.

exercises after childbirth - a fitness coach Elena Selivanov - especially for

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