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Castor oil for weight loss

Castor oil for weight loss For years, castor oil is prescribed by doctors as a purgative.But medicine has evolved, and the new, softer drugs currently occupy this niche, and castor oil as the popularity of the drug waned.Of course, the beneficial properties of castor oil are used in our days: how many years ago, it is used for skin care, to strengthen the hair - just as a cosmetic.Moreover, oil is used for massage.However, this is not all the properties that can boast of castor oil.Traditional medicine is successfully using castor oil for weight loss, and in combination with diet and exercise, it gives results.

The use of castor oil for weight loss: recipes

There are several recipes for the use of castor oil as a means to combat obesity.They are based on purgation and body.

How to drink castor oil?

first option is the consumption of 2-3 teaspoons of castor oil before breakfast.Drink it later in the day are not recommended: for that effect, and so it will be quite serious, doctors do not recommend to abuse castor oil,

because it can negatively affect your health.This technique castor oil is carried out during the week after a week without oil can return to its consumption, again, for seven days.

second recipe is a one-time admission of castor oil in the morning in an amount of 1.5-2 tablespoons, then a day to clean the body.On this day, of course, nothing is planned.

The third recipe - is 1 teaspoon oil, plus the same amount of dry ground into powder chicory root.With this mixture decreases appetite and decreased blood glucose.Drink castor oil with chicory for a month in the morning.

can take castor oil diet with linseed oil: take a teaspoon of the two, and drink a glass of cold water.As a result, improved lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

You can also mix a teaspoon of castor oil with a tablespoon of bran powder and a tablespoon of low-fat yogurt - this mix is ​​not only one-time get rid of constipation, but also normalizes the intestinal flora.

castor oil as a laxative: reviews the application

castor oil as a means to combat overweight has its fans, but also a lot of negative reviews.First, do not abuse laxatives: In reasonable doses castor oil really help the body cleanse, but over its consumption will lead to indigestion and upset, in turn, to dehydration and loss of important vitamins like A, E and C,other necessary elements, without which the body simply can not function normally.Especially that the continued use of laxatives for weight loss does not help - on the contrary, it disturbs normal metabolism, resulting in reduced efficiency of your diet.

If reception castor oil cause diarrhea, you should drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, which further slows the metabolism.

Castor oil makes sense to use for its intended purpose (as a purgative) , when because of the abundance of protein foods have problems with a chair (on protein diets).When used properly, castor rid the body of toxins, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

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