Fasting days

Molokochay - lose weight efficiently and tasty

molokochay slimming Fasting days on molokochae perhaps the most popular among those who want to lose weight and maintain your body normally.Particularly popular is the green with milk, because this drink is well satisfies hunger.

In this one day diet to lose molokochae allows 0.5 to 2 kg, depending on how much you lose weight.Unloading the day it is recommended to arrange no more frequently than once a week.

Molokochay - lose weight efficiently and tasty

Contra following:

  • lactose intolerance;
  • kidney disease;
  • gallbladder disease;
  • during pregnancy is not recommended.

Molokochay - lose weight efficiently and tasty

Do not sit all day just to this Spurge at low pressure or inclination to fainting.If you have any chronic illness, you should consult a doctor.

spurge SLIMMING: reviews and recipes

Those who do not know how to cook mlolokochay slimming help popular recipes.
So, add the following ingredients:

  • 1,5 liters of low-fat milk;
  • 3-4 teaspoons of green tea, you can use black fruit, berry, but green - the most useful (the mixture may be black).

Molokochay - lose weight efficiently and tasty

If you are constantly drinking green tea

before, it is better initially alternated with black.Unaccustomed to those who are not accustomed to it, the pressure may drop in the future, all normal.

drink the beverage for weight loss is possible during the day, whenever you want, but the recommended option - on a glass every two hours awake.Savor can both heat and cold.

To prepare it, choose any of the following recipes:

  1. in the hot milk (about 70 '), add 3-4 tsp. Of welding, for 15-20 minutes, drain.
  2. brewed in a glass of strong tea leaves, pour it in a cold or warm milk.
  3. in English, in a good warm cup of milk to pour in 1/3, then add the 2/3 strong tea infusion.
  4. teaspoon of tea leaves pour 100 g of boiling water, after 4-5 minutes, topped up with 100-150 g of milk.

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Molokochay - lose weight efficiently and tasty

Eat drink is recommended for 1 cup every 2 hours.Tea with milk is absorbed better, as dairy product facilitates its uptake, and it also mitigates the effects of caffeine.

also a simple afternoon drink water or mineral without gas (up to 2 liters).This is necessary, since this drink has a diuretic, choleretic action, it is important to control the body's water balance.

Council of our readers: In the evening, when green tea is a stimulant effect, do not drink it, choose something else, such as chicory, herbal, something soothing.

fasting day to help clean the liver, blood, normalizes metabolism.So, the effect quires more and improvement in skin condition.

Important: if your goal - to lose weight, on the other days is to restrict caloric intake of 1200-1400 kcal.Besides a day at such a drink, you can sometimes replace them lunch or dinner.

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Molokochay - lose weight efficiently and tasty

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