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Exercises with dumbbells: an alternative to the gym?

Exercises with dumbbells: an alternative to the gym? exercises with dumbbells have become an integral part of everyday sport load housewives and beginners: doing exercises with dumbbells, you can at home, without the help of the gym and trainers, significantly improve their athletic performance.

tips exercises with dumbbells:

  • Carrying out exercises with dumbbells in the back, can be combined with exercises for the triceps, biceps and abdominal muscles.Exercises for the back with dumbbells can also easily perform standing, rotate, working the whole body, thus giving the load on your back with dumbbells, you will get the maximum result.This approach also swing arm.
  • exercises chest well with exercises on the back;with dumbbells need to be careful, becauseThis form of exercise is also a burden on the heart muscle.Exercises for the chest with dumbbells combine complex classes, assuming maximum occupancy biceps and triceps, and "pumping" them lengthwise and crosswise.On the chest with a dumbbell weight woman can take up to 5 kg, man?12 kg.

exercises with dumbbells: a great way to get in shape!

What are some exercises with dumbbells?

  • exercises with dumbbells back muscles: back training with dumbbells includes exercises with dumbbells for the back muscles with weights.For the back muscles it is very important not to overload the muscles and spine!Exercises with dumbbells, though, and are available to everyone, very "traumatic" element of the training provided to take more weight.
  • exercises muscles in the arms with dumbbells: muscles of the arms, as well as other muscles in our body requires constant training, but at the same time they involve the chest register, which may affect the functioning of the heart.They should be carried out carefully, making no sudden movements, gradually increasing the number of approaches.
  • exercises with dumbbells for chest muscles, "pumping" chest muscles also carries App heart muscle, plus a gentle shoulder joints.Performed mainly of "standing" position, feet together.Hands lifted up and gently lowered down.Either of the situation: feet shoulder width apart, you will need to pull your hands in front of him.
  • exercises with dumbbells waist: with these exercises women should be especially careful, becausethey can form unfeminine "mighty" waist.Men them, as they say, "he doctor ordered!"Exercises are performed in the form of blurred not quick turns.Implemented gradually, with progressive weight gain.
  • exercises muscles chest and abdomen: exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest include both aerobic exercise and a job "with the weight."This may be a "bench", "dumbbell bent" or other similar exercises, the main thing that the load was distributed evenly!
  • exercises for the muscles of the hips and gluteal muscles: in this exercise should be to put one foot forward and otperevshis it all together with a dumbbell weight, rise on your toes and stay in this position for a few seconds.Then return to the starting position.

exercises with dumbbells for women that you can perform at home to help resolve the issue of traditional "problem areas" - such as the belly and sides.Turns, swings, presses - is a great way to get rid of sagging skin, uneven-pumped muscles (the effects of the gym), excess fat.It is important to remember that the aerobic exercise only burns fat, whereas muscle force helps formation by which all subsequent fat burned itself.

also important factor is a healthy diet.A balanced set of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet of the introduction of poultry, fresh vegetables and fruits and seafood is not only desirable, but necessary!

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