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Clenbuterol tablets to lose weight

Clenbuterol tablets to lose weight: women slimming reviews, guide

Which only means of losing weight is not used for getting rid of unwanted kilograms.In the course are even drugs that were originally designed for other purposes entirely.For example, Clenbuterol, which was invented for the treatment of bronchial asthma.Over time, he found another use.He began to use athletes bodybuilders for so-called "drying" the muscles to keep the body in shape. But Clenbuterol is not only "dry" muscles, but also copes with subcutaneous fat.This fat burning functions of the drug began to be used for weight loss.

But thoughtless and constant use of the tablets can lead to very serious consequences.For athletes Clenbuterol is a way to maintain an impeccable physical fitness and bodybuilders take it quite often, especially before the next competition.However, the dose sympathomimetic for professional athletes and ordinary dieters will be different.If athletes heavyweights to maintain athletic takes the maximum of 120-140 micrograms.per day (as they start taking the drug with 25-30

g.), for women this dosage can be very dangerous.

How to take Clenbuterol for weight loss: instructions for use

dose for weight loss should be increased gradually.On the first day you need to drink no more than 10 micrograms.- A ½ tablet.The second day is possible to accept 10 micrograms.more.In the next 5 days the dose should be increased to 15 mg.

Dosage Clenbuterol by day:

first day - 10 mg .;

second day - 20 mg .;

third day - 35 mg .;

fourth day - 50 mg .;

fifth day - 65 mg .;

sixth day - 80 mg .;

seventh day - 90-100 micrograms.
Clenbuterol tablets to lose weight: women slimming reviews, guide

take the drug must be in full compliance with the dosage specified in the instructions, and no more than 2 weeks.Next must be a break, at least 10-14 days.Renewals course only after consultation with a specialist.

Clenbuterol tablets you need to eat in the morning, it will help to avoid such unpleasant side effects like insomnia, to the same effect of the drug is more effective in the first half of the day.When the daily rate reaches 50 g., That would be approximately 5 acceptance day capsules, the dose may be divided into two times, i.e. half micrograms daily drink directly morning another - strictly to 15 hours.During the reception, preparation, absolutely can not drink alcohol, and their effects on the body can be extremely unpredictable.

Professional athletes use mainly for drying Clenbuterol, however, in addition to receiving "maple", bodybuilders train intensively and consume a low-calorie, but enriched protein diet.The same recommendations apply to just losing weight.Without diet and physical activity, whether it be walking, jogging or gym, the drug does not produce the desired result.

Side effects Clenbuterol

receiving body of each person to respond to the action of the drug will be on his own.Calling all possible side effects is extremely difficult.However, there are a number of symptoms, most of which is shown for each use of the drug, and nearly every slimming:

  • heart palpitations;
  • irritability and nervousness;
  • headaches;
  • increased sweating;
  • nausea;
  • insomnia.

To avoid these and many other "individual" symptoms, it is necessary to adhere to the 3 main rules:

- drink plenty of water (2 l. Per day);

- not to combine technique "maple" with other drugs (without a doctor's permission);

- not to use the pill for people with hypertension and cardiac disorders.

Adhering to simple recommendations, all hazards can be minimized, and most impressive to get in a short time.

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