Exercise for Weight Loss

Running in the morning.

How effective is running for weight loss, and how to run to lose weight? the street in the morning you can see not just young teens, but also people in a respectable age, who are engaged in jogging.Some like the apparent simplicity occupations other draws obtained by this effect.In all cases, such a load to the body, like jogging, is only for the benefit of all.

Like other sports, running should take place according to certain rules, compliance with which is very important for achieving the desired result, and for health in general.In this article we analyze in detail the main issues relating to running for weight loss:
1. How to need to run in order to lose weight for the benefit of the whole body?
2. How many times a week you can or should run?
3. How many minutes have to run around to seriously lose weight?

Where, when and how to run, to start losing weight rapidly?

How to start running to lose weight?

Before you start training, it is best to consult a doctor.It will give guidance on how best to run to class were on health, not harm.If you have problems with blood pressure or serious heart disease doctor, maybe you wil

l recommend walking instead of running and advise how much to walk to lose weight.

to questions about how to begin to run, doctors recommend to spend the first sessions of 10 minutes of easy running 3 times a week.This load will be optimal for the preparation of the body for subsequent, more serious pursuits.If you just start jogging every day, it will give the effect of a sharp exhaustion.If, after a few sessions you will feel fine, then you can increase the speed and duration of the running.So the important rule for beginners - the load should be increased gradually.

As many times a week you need to run in order to lose weight?

When the preparatory stage has already passed, you can make jogging a day, and then - on a daily basis.Naturally, the best time for running exercises - this morning.Many morning hurry about their business, or just want to sleep and running transferred at a later time.Of course, from these runs, too, will benefit.However, in the morning the air is much cleaner, and almost no people, which means that no one will disturb your movement and will not knock you out of rhythm.On the question of how much to run in the mornings, experts say: from 6 to 8 - in the summer, from 8 to 10 - in the cold season.Figure out the best time to run, to go further.

To understand how to properly run in the mornings, so as not to choke in the classroom is required to pay attention to time and distance.Better if jogging (at first) will be 10-20 minutes a day, then increase the length of time up to 30 minutes.A suitable load for a man who knows how to run, and accustomed to the body - running 40 minutes.But in any case, the rhythm should not be too fast.The main thing here to become regular jogging.

How to run in the mornings, so that the result does not make us wait?

Many people know how much time a day you need to run in the mornings, to lose weight, but it turns out, did not know how to do it.Many hold back tilted back, some - head tilted down, the rest - generally slouch.Very few people know what should be kept flat posture.The head should not be omitted, but raise it up as it is not necessary, because thethis will prevent uniform breathing.Hands should be slightly bent at the elbows, hands are not compressed.This posture allows a running move without stress.

What, in general, the time necessary to run in the morning to lose weight?It will depend on many factors: the intensity of the run, regularity of employment and characteristics of the organism.Equipment also plays a significant role: if the shoes just to be comfortable (light and thick soles), the clothes should be as thick to speed up the process of sweating and therefore lose weight.What results will be in the race depends on you.Good luck and enjoyable workout!