Exercise for Weight Loss

Dancing on the pole - Sex Dance

is no surprise different types of exercises that help to keep your body in good shape.And some they help to remove a couple of fat folds.Fitness entered our lives forever, in fact cultivate a healthy lifestyle and a slim figure is not just a fad, it is an opportunity to be constantly healthy. must pay tribute to the professionals who are in constant motion fitness ahead.And this support is based on the development of new exercises, new movements.

So recently a new trend which is called the Dance Floor (pole dance).So what is the dance floor?This exercise, conducted by a pylon (This is the sixth, which is used in strip bars).By its nature, this type of fitness - a symbiosis of movements of striptease (erotic dance) and artistic gymnastics.Who at least once saw dancing girls in striptease bars, realize that these movements aimed at strengthening all types of muscles.

Why danse floor so popular today?

  1. This type of fitness exercise strengthens muscles.From that your body becomes fit and strong.The mos
    t important thing is that pole dance - is not just a repetitive motion that quickly bored.You can invent itself and movements and actions that produced the music.In fact, it is the usual dance steps.
  2. Strip plastic on pole helps women become more confident in dealing with a man.It's no wonder so popular stripper strong half.
  3. This type of fitness is available to all.And nothing that they say that the full and obese people will not be able to deal with it.There are no restrictions of any weight, either in form or by age or gender differences.Each for himself is the movements are performed easily, without heavy loads.

But doctors still warn that pole dance classes have contraindications.There are not many, but they exist.For example, this kind of fitness can not deal with people who have a BMI greater than 32. BMI index - a ratio of weight and height of a person.That is, small and full of these exercises should be abandoned, and find a more gentle motion.This is the first.

second.The ban for those who have high blood pressure.Third, I have problems with the vestibular apparatus.Fourth - the core.The fifth, who have problems with the spine and joints.In general, one piece of advice - floor fitness should take place for dealing with comfortable, it should bring joy.You can not make traffic congestion on which sore muscles and joints, this is not much use.

Pole dance - to start

floor dance lessons require a certain man of strength and endurance, flexibility, and plastics.And he who does not have it all or has part must start with a category of "dance floor for beginners."But in any case, before school, as in any sport, you need to spend a good workout.Full body warm-up is a must, because in the course of the exercise, especially would like to mention twisting and coups, you need plastic muscles.This will help avoid such troubles as a muscle strain.If this happens, then you leave the gym for a long time.

set of exercises for beginners - this is the basics on which to carry out all the exercises, but they are simpler and easier.Eventually, when a few months pass and you will be available to more complicated pirouettes, the basic elements still remain, because the ABC dance floor.

But note that in the beginning it will be difficult, as always.Pole dance (a dance pole) require you to effort, sometimes incredible, will have to show your character, strength of will.No cost and no bruises and abrasions.So be ready for it.

clothes dance floor

What about this advice of professionals:

  • Let's start with the shoe.Usually this special shoes with heels.It is made so that the ankle was less load.Some are engaged in all barefoot.
  • Clothing.The best option - it's shorts and sleeveless topic.The importance of choosing just such a garment is that a large number of tissue creates resistance when moving on a pole.Although today many manufacturers began to produce special clothes just for the dance floor, it glides well.
  • on hand is best to wear gloves sockets.It will protect your hands from blisters.