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Exercises for stretching: adjust your body

Exercises for stretching: adjust your body

Those who play sports, go to the gym or fitness, know that the key to effective training is the correct stretching muscles.It promotes body flexibility and muscle elasticity, coordination of movements.Even posture improves after this complex.A few pros: tones, improves blood circulation.Exercises for stretching helps prevent muscle sprains and injuries.It is advisable to carry out such studies and before the load, and at their end as well.Then the benefits of stretching will be more.

stretching exercises should be conducted in compliance with the specific regulations that ensure the correctness of the implementation, and hence will benefit your body.As the full exercise impossible without stretching and stretching itself impossible without the workout.Untrained muscles may ache, and even be injured.Let the warm-up will be somewhat jumping rope or squats.The main thing is that the muscles warmed up and gained sufficient degree of flexibility.You do not need to make any sudden movements, jerks, i

t should be smooth, unhurried.For each part of the body has its own sets of exercises, involving specific muscle groups.

Exercises for stretching: adjust your body

exercises for stretching back

Stretching spinal department can not only stretch and warm up your muscles, and improve posture and relieve tension and pain.The most common stretching exercises, a photo of which is on each site dedicated to physical education and sport, starting with "Cats."It is performed even kids in gym class.Need to get up on all fours and slowly bend your back, and then rounded it.In the same position carry traffic back around.

kneads the back is possible by means visov on the bar, twists from a prone position.Another productive activity - lying on his back with his arms raised to lift the legs and try to connect them with his hands above his head.

Exercises for stretching: adjust your body

Stretching leg

Legs, perhaps, have the greatest amount of muscle, and the warm-up should be given special attention.Simple enough complex will provide a good warm-up and flexibility to further stress.Stretching leg muscles Housing starts with leaning forward, his hands trying to get the floor.Then, the same inclinations to do forward legs spaced shoulder width apart.You can pull the feet from a seated position with legs apart and with one leg bent to the buttock.Very effective and cooperative attacks with him swinging.Horse riding is a perfect split.

stretching exercises for the whole body

Stretching the body, exercises which are connected in one complex, it is necessary to start from the top division, with the neck and then slowly and gradually down to the feet.First, warming up the neck, then the arms, shoulders and back, and in the last instance - the upper part of the legs, calves and feet.Every movement must be done with a delay of up to 1 minute.When the complex should be considered proper breathing - it is no less important than the workout itself.You can repeat every day the same complex or alternate, depending on the regulations of your major loads.

Exercises for stretching: adjust your body

Equally important stretching exercises after the simulator.If you think that a good workout, your muscles do not need any more in any loads, you are mistaken.Moreover, the post-workout helps to lose extra calories.Suffice it to hold one call for each muscle group and you will be in good shape and get an extra energy boost.

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