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Brown liquid diet

Brown liquid diet: slimming reviews and doctors how to take

Many women dream of harmony and grace.But give the beauty of your body is often very difficult, especially when on the road to "success" have become superfluous kgs.Get rid of them, at times, it can be very difficult, and to abandon his dream did not want to lose weight.And then begin diligent search "miracle elixir", the ability to quickly and magically help you lose excess weight. Due to the positive recommendations of experts and losing weight such a "wonder drug" could be called a brown liquid diet.


whole newfangled unique panacea, and along with its highly efficient operation, is a component part of a popular means.The main ingredient of the drug is considered guarana.This unique and unusual fruit, which grows in Brazil, is a powerful natural energy.Guaranine helps great deal not only with overweight but also with the unpleasant symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion.This is due to the fact that the fruit contains a lot of caffeine, guarana, and he is known to have strong tones the b

ody, invigorates and makes it more resilient.

addition of guarana fruit, in the 'Liquid chestnut "includes theobromine, a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and theophylline.It is in the complex with major overseas drug ingredient is able to provide its maximum impact.

What effect would expect from a reception "Liquid chestnut"?

drug is multifunctional and this is another of its unique advantage.Due to the natural components of the liquid brown reviews of doctors and dieters got very approving, and was recognized as one of the most effective and safe means for dropping excess weight.

effect of the drug:

1. cleanses and tones the body;

2. gives vigor and energy;

3. improves metabolism, breaks down fats and naturally leads them out of the body;

4. normalize the digestive process;

5. helps reduce appetite;

6. makes the body more resilient and resistant to physical and psychological stress, which allows a person not much overwork and feel the whole day cheerfully and energetically;

7. does not cause allergic reactions.

Contraindications and side effects

Like any other tool for weight loss, "LCD" can be harmful to health if exceed the dosage and not taken into account when taking the drug several contraindications, including the individual.

Absolutely can not take the drug:

- persons who are under 18 years old;

- pregnant and nursing;

- people having problems with the nervous or cardio - vascular system;

- epileptics;

- high blood pressure;

- people suffering from mental disorders.

How to take liquid diet chestnut: instructions for use

Brown liquid diet: slimming reviews and doctors how to take

drug can be used as a kind of supplement to the main food.In most cases the powder mass "LCD" (in such a medium and sells) stir in any liquid (juices, water, coffee, tea), but the powder can be added in any liquid cooked cereal.Dosage - 1 hour. L.per day, but you need to take brown liquid twice a day - half a teaspoon of the first appointment, half - in the second.

exceeds the norm is strictly prohibited, or side effects may occur following nature: insomnia, nervous tension, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, in fact, may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.


those who like to drink coffee often necessary at the time of taking the drug to reduce the amount, as "LC" and so contains up to 5% caffeine.Monitor to your daily norm of caffeine did not go beyond the norm - 50-150 mg.

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