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Stretching exercises: a set of exercises and tips for beginners

Stretching exercises: a set of exercises and tips for beginners Stretching muscle and the effect of many people underestimate them, whereas in fact correct stretching - it is not only the ductility and flexibility of the muscles.Using a range of stretching exercises can relieve the tension from the neck and shoulder girdle, improve posture back, get rid of stress and elevate mood.

Together with leading fitness instructors, we made a selection of the best exercises to stretch the muscles that are used as a warm-up true athlete.On this basis, we have created a simple and effective set of exercises to stretch the muscles of the abdomen, legs, arms and spine.It is ideal for both beginner and seasoned athletes, helping to maintain the elasticity of the ligaments and muscle strength, as well as improve blood circulation and feeling.

And most importantly - our set of exercises for stretching does not require much time or special equipment and a week gives great results.Do not believe?You can see for yourself!

Types of stretching exercises: Instruction for beginners

any exercise, for example, to stretch the leg muscles, or stretching of the spine, may be carried out in two ways:
1. If passive stretching during exercise program the muscles are exposed to external factors, such as coach.There muscles slowly stretched and shrinking active movements with gradually increasing the tempo.
2. Active stretching involves stretching a muscle and holding them with other groups of muscles are stretched in the opposite direction.For example, if you need to stretch the quadriceps tighten foot to the buttocks and hold with the help of hip biceps.

Any exercise stretching to be performed very carefully to prevent any muscle strain or other injury.It is important before starting any stretching exercises to warm up a few minutes (on a stationary bike, with a rope or just a run).Only then can you move on to the very stretch.

exercises for stretching legs: how do the splits?

Stretching feet - is a complex exercise, under which work the quadriceps muscles of the thighs, hamstrings, calves, ankles, shins.As a result, ligaments become elastic, tightened muscles, increases range of motion, there is the flexibility of the body.

Stretching exercises all the muscles of the legs (thighs, ankles, calves, shins)

These stretching exercises leg muscles will not only prepare the lower limbs for deeper stretching required for twine and stretching exercise of the abdominal muscles and tighten the buttocks.All items should be carried out in this order, no pauses between them it is better not to do.

After a short break (2-3 minutes) to begin stretching exercises for the feet of twine.All the elements are doing with alternating load on the muscles and ligaments - the transition from tension to relaxation.This will avoid the torn ligaments and microtrauma.

Stretching exercises for the legs with twine alternating load on the muscles and ligaments

stretching leg exercise should be performed regularly, and best of all - on a daily basis, which is particularly important in the early days.So the muscles and ligaments of the feet constantly are in good shape, and you do not have to start from scratch to do the splits.

exercises for stretching the spine: you need to know?

healthy spine is responsible for the health of the whole organism.In order to get rid of the fatigue syndrome and discomfort, as well as to restore normal position of the vertebrae, to do exercises to stretch the muscles of the back.Approximately 10-20 minutes a day performing these simple elements will provide relaxation and rest the spine, its correct operation.

Exercises to stretch the muscles of the back to ensure the normal operation of the spine.

Gymnastics for stretching the spine includes not only stretching the spine, and stretching exercises for the hands.This complex will deliver the feeling of pain in the neck, shoulder and will forget about the complaints of back pain.Exercises for the back stretching the spine lead to a normal state and prevent the occurrence of back problems.Engage in fun and good luck!

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