Exercise for Weight Loss

Callanetics for weight loss

callanetics Callanetics - a system of fitness exercises designed to increase muscle elasticity.A set of exercises was designed by the American dancer Callan Pinckney.
minimum number of contraindications and a great result - that is what attracts many women callanetics.

What are the advantages, benefits Callanetics?What is the secret of its popularity?

Callanetics is different from the fitness smooth motion, giving the statistical burden on the muscles.Experts say that such exercises are highly effective and help to rapidly lose weight, reduce the volume of the body, tighten the muscles.Classes Callanetics also helps strengthen the immune system.
callanetics As a result, employment on a carefully planned and efficient system of training between body and mind there is harmony, which, according to supporters of Callanetics, helps to avoid injuries to learn to concentrate and find the perfect fit.

Benefits callanetics concluded as follows:

  • For classes do not necessarily attend a specially-equipped gym.Exercises you can
    do at home.In addition, you do not need special shoes and clothes;All that is needed - is a favorite music and comfortable sportswear.
  • exercises based on the classic yoga loads and statistics.Therefore, despite the slow pace and measured training, the muscles work well.After each exercise, you stretch.Muscle groups get a uniform load, without stress to the body.
  • Long statistical burden as compared to the much more cyclical accelerate metabolism.That is why doing Callanetics regularly, you can get rid of excess weight.
  • very important and undoubtedly attractive is that doing the exercises Callanetics, you burn a lot of calories and build muscle does not occur.The muscles just come in good shape, gain flexibility.
  • complex exercise develops almost all the major muscles of the human body: activated abdominal, hips and buttocks, arms and legs.
  • Before embarking on active pursuits, you must know that:

    1. Perform only need those exercises for which you have the strength.The desire to engage in - is necessary.In the early stages it is very important to do the exercises and breaks to rest your muscles.
    2. experts recommend to engage in the mirror.Since you control the correctness of the exercises.It is important to breathe and measured.To maintain the pace of the exercises will be useful record of your favorite music.
    3. At the beginning of training may be a slight increase in weight.Do not be afraid and throwing exercises.Your muscles get stronger, and soon you will gain new forms.

    What kind of results you will achieve with the help of Callanetics?

    Callanetics gives stunning results: You improve your health and introduce the body in tone.In particular, you can lose weight, reduce the volume, stimulate the metabolism, correct posture, learn to control their bodies and, of course, strengthen the muscles without increasing their volume.Problematic places gain flexibility and harmony thanks to a proven and truly effective system of non-violent stretches and exercises Callanetics.

    Are there any contraindications for doing Callanetics?Who should not engage in this system?

    Callanetics, unfortunately, is not for everyone, in spite of its effectiveness and ease.You can not engage in these exercises:

    • people with diseases of the cardiovascular system
    • People with vision problems
    • women after cesarean section (one and a half years)
    • People with spinal cord injuries
    • asthmatics
    • People with varicose veins
    • After infection
    • After surgery of any complexity (over the year)

    callanetics In any case, before embarking on their studies Callanetics, you should consult with a specialist.We wish you good luck!After callanetics - almost perfect and most suitable method.

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