Dietary supplements for weight loss

Pills "Bilayt": composition and function

Chinese pills and slimming capsules "Bilayt" became another novelty for such a rapidly expanding market for weight loss drugs.Bilayt was presented as 100% but natural supplements to foods that promote rapid release of fat.Is it safe to like losing weight, and how pill affects the use of bi light on the feelings of the people?

Bilayt for weight loss: the composition of the capsules and the principle of their action

In order to understand the secret of such a rapid weight loss (as indicated on the packaging manufacturer outcome within 10-30 kg per month), you should analyze the composition bilayt.According to the data, the manufacturer, in bilayt pills include:
1. lotus leaf.In the East, this tool is widely used as an antipyretic agent, but at the same time, and to reduce weight.However, the general scientific evidence that the effect of a dry leaf in the process of losing weight is not.
2. trutovyh mushroom.This Comp bilayt slimming capsules has an impact on the functioning of the liver, helping

it to process fat faster.
3. The inner shell of chicken stomach.This item is part of the slimming pills bilayt, normalizes function of the stomach, dissolves stones, helps digestion and improves the passage of food through the intestines.
4. Poria kokosovidnaya.Pretty strong diuretic, at the same time has a slight tonic effect.

As we can see, the composition is quite natural, but it is clear that such a capsule for weight loss can not trigger a rapid process of losing weight, and even more than 10-30 kg per month.This means that the composition bilayt on the box, not all listed.

Tablets and capsules for weight loss " Bilayt " : What do the doctors and the people who have tested the drug on himself ?

Capsules "Bilayt": expert reviews and slimming women

Speaking about bilayt capsules, expert reviews and doctors towards them and acceptance of other drugs for weight loss has been and remains negative.According to them, only the right kind power system with systematic physical activity can alter the metabolism and affect the gradual decrease in weight.Many nutritionists say that a part of bilayt have sibutramine banned in many states.This is indicated by many side effects, which are described in a review of bilayt left by people trying to lose weight due to the effect of these capsules.

If we examine in detail all the reviews of people to try out a drug on themselves, then they were divided into 2 groups.Some talk about their incredible efficiency, while others complain of severe deterioration of health.But if you decide to test the drug on himself, should only buy a real product, and strictly follow his instructions.

How to take bilayt?

How to take bilayt according to the dosage, can be found on the package itself.The dosage varies depending on the type of capsule:
- bilayt extra (90 capsules per box);
- bilayt 2 Premium (72 in.);
- bilayt 3 premium (96 in.).

you will take 1 capsule in the morning and in the afternoon, further increasing the dosage up to 4 capsules per day.Also it appeared bilayt 40 ¬- a new, more concentrated formula preparation bilayt 90 capsules, allowing the capsules to reduce by almost half.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

As to the question how to distinguish the original from the fake bilayt, check the packaging of the product itself:
1. Hologram "Bilayt" is only at this package, as shown in the photo bilayt.
2. Instructions for use in the Russian and Kazakh languages ​​(with no errors and divorces).
3. Period of validity of the original at the specified small numbers and have counterfeits - more that go beyond the fields.
4. Inside the package there is a small gift: a stick, tape measure, flashlight, etc..
5. Also in the pack there is a table with the changes in the volume and weight of each week.

And of course, as with any drug, bilayt must be certified.

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