Dietary supplements for weight loss

The best diet pills.

The best diet pills sold in pharmacies and other drugs that reduce weight. According to statistics, every fifth or sixth person on the planet is suffering from obesity or excessive weight gain.Many are struggling to get rid of the hated kilograms: while exercising at the gym, with the help of tablets for training, reinforcing the effect of physical activity, and various anti-obesity agents. And most of them prefer the passive way to lose weight by means of special pills and dietary supplements.

All pills differ in their effects on the human body.But what most good diet pills?Consider the basic modalities of such tablets.

best diet pills: classification according to the principle of action

Pills and tablets for training - one of the most popular ways to lose weight .

Depending on the composition and effects on the body, the following types of diet pills:
1. burn fat.Contribute to the breakdown of fat cells.As a rule, it is good for weight loss drugs that reduce weight by reducing adipose tissue is, instead of the total muscle mass.
2. suppresses appetite.These drugs cause a lack of desire to consume food in large quantities.These weight loss pil

ls for a strong influence on the brain responsible for the feeling of satiety.
3. Blocking fat cells.The best drugs for weight loss - pills that block fat.They are popular because they, together with the usual diet can significantly reduce the weight.

And yet what the best diet pills?Definitely give the answer to this question can not even dietitians, because it all depends on the characteristics of, and exposure to tablets.

Top 10 most popular diet pills

We have selected 10 of the most sought-after tools for weight loss pills:

1. Reduxine.This drug capsules is considered the best remedy for weight loss is very popular in the Russian market.Effects on the brain and blocks a desire to eat foods.
2. Xenical.A preparation in capsules, each of which blocks lipase (a digestive enzyme), under the action of which the splitting of dietary fats.
3. Orsoten.These capsules are similar to the previous formulation (ksenikalu).
4. Goldline.As Reduxine, gelcaps affect the brain.
5. Clenbuterol.Principle: enhances the disintegration of adipose tissue and metabolism in the muscle tissue.
6. Li Da.These Chinese diet pills are a Bud.According to the producers of their natural composition (giartsiniya, guarana, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin powder) effectively removes fat ballast.
7. Turboslim.Another biological additive is produced in various forms - capsules, tea, liquid concentrate.Weight correction is achieved by burning fat and removing them through the diuretic and laxative effect.
8. MCC (microcrystalline cellulose).These pills are made of this cotton, which when released into the intestine, begins to swell, thus causing a feeling of fullness.
9. Thai diet pills.The formulations contain phentermine, which affects the brain and stimulates the mind.
10. Bomb №1.The makers claim that the drug is superszhigatelem fat, what also can be questioned.

We repelled a list of the best diet pills, referring to the most popular to date.Some of them, namely the Chinese diet pills contain the drug phentermine, officially banned in Russia.However, despite this, Thai pills manage to make a lot of people.

In addition, all drugs for weight loss, have their contraindications and side effects that are sure to keep in mind.And most importantly - remember that all diet pills to be sold in pharmacies.Pay attention to themselves boxes of pills and think, first of all, of your health!

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