Exercise for Weight Loss

How to increase breast volume with exercise

exercises for the chest Many girls dream of an additional amount of: hair, eyelashes, chest.If the first copes hairdresser or makeup artist, for the increase in breast volume, many go to a plastic surgeon.And absolutely nothing, because this is not the first measure you can take. adjust the shape of the breast, to give it extra volume, you can use compound exercises.

Chest - a mammary gland, adipose tissue and connective tissue.The muscles in it.That's the problem: it is not at the gym to pump, and when losing weight bust volumes decreased due to reduction of fat tissue.The muscles that support the breast spread over the chest.They also affect the tone of the bust if this muscle group to develop with the help of exercise, you can make the breast higher and firmer.

exercises for the chest Age, unfortunately, does not spare the female bust.It is virtually impossible to maintain the tone of the breast and to avoid its sagging with age.Deformed even small breasts.This is due to the Islands that the ligaments that support the bust, stretched from the

natural gravity and lose their elasticity.Influences such strain your posture - the more you slouch, the more deformed chest.So keep your back straight!

exercises for the chest, which can be done at home:

  • Reduction palms.Keep your arms at chest, hands folded in front of him.Push your palms against each other (for three accounts), then lower the arms (on the fourth count).Exercise should be repeated ten times.
  • Stretching fingers.The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise.The fingers should be concatenated together.With the power try to dissolve hands in the parties, not disengaging fingers (three bills), lower arm (the fourth count).Repeat ten times.
  • «Dog muzzle up."One of yoga postures perfectly develops chest muscles.Lie on your stomach, stretch your legs by bending your elbows, place them on the floor, palms down.Palms must be placed so that they were at shoulder level.Next you need to move your body weight in your hand and lift the torso, looking at the ceiling.In this position, the thigh should break away a bit from the floor, the support body is carried out by the hands and toes.Stay in this position for 15 seconds and return to starting position.Repeat 5-10 times.
  • wall.Facing the wall, rest in her hands wide apart.Push to the wall as much as possible.In this position must be delayed for 10 seconds.Return to starting position.Repeat several times.
  • Pushups.Push hard to overestimate the role, it is the most effective exercise for training chest muscles.The main thing is to learn how to perform them correctly.Gentle option of push-ups for girls - relying on his knees.But, of course, more effective to perform push-ups, usually relying on the feet and hands.Suffice it to three sets of fifteen times.
  • exercises with dumbbells.
  • Lie on your back, your arms.In each hand you need to take on the weighting agent (if no dumbbells, then go bottles filled with sand or water).Slowly raise arms perpendicular to time, then lower.It is necessary to raise their hands 15 times, hold them in this position, and then - to bend the hand to the chest.Optimally - carry out the exercises, alternating, three sets each.
  • Lying on your back, raise your hands with dumbbells up along the body, setting the stage for their head.The arms should be straight.Slowly raise and lower the arms.Do three sets of 15-20 times.
  • «bridge».Familiar from childhood great exercise trains the muscles of the chest.Lie on your back, get your hands behind your head, rest your palms on the floor.Based on the hands and feet, lift the pelvis and torso off the floor.
  • exercises for the chest If you do not feel the enthusiasm and desire to engage in the home, we recommend that you go to the gym.The above exercises can be performed there.In addition, in gyms, you can work out with bodibarom.Particular attention should be paid to the trainer Cheast-press.

    Remember that, despite the apparent static exercises you need to take care of your bust and classes to wear special sports underwear with a strong support.

    Supplement to the exercises in the hall is the pool, because swimming is a great exercise for the chest muscles.

    top of him while swimming develop muscles of the forearm, resulting in an amazing cleavage, which is not ashamed to show.

    also receives a douche to tone the skin of the breast, on the beach or in the solarium sure to use sunblock, watch your posture, perform the exercises recommended by us, and your breasts will be perfect!