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What kind of oil to use for weight loss

What kind of oil to use for weight loss Oils come in several types: essential and vegetable oils and animal.Slimming successfully used the first two of which you will learn in detail now.Directly ahead is to warn that the use of these funds for weight loss is desired only as an additional procedure.In other words, do not forget about diet, physical training and other related methods of weight loss.

Also remember that if you have serious problems with the kidneys or liver, then the aroma is likely undesirable for you and worth it to wait.Similarly, the reception of vegetable oils inevitably leads to stress on the internal organs, which also need to be taken into consideration.We know that some people are allergic to certain types of oil (for example, milk thistle).If during masloterapii you suddenly feel unwell, stop the procedure or simply try a different oil.

Some contraindications

Obvious contraindications are enterocolitis, intestinal infections and cholecystitis - in these diseases, unfortunately, try to lose weight by the method p

roposed - not a good idea.Well, of course, individual intolerance has not been canceled - in other words, not everyone is a suitable way to lose weight.As for the rest, you can safely try to imagine a variety of recipes and methods of losing weight with the help of vegetable and essential oils.

most popular oil for weight loss

What kind of oil to use for weight loss

Before you tell us more about some of the known oil recommended to reduce excess kilograms, list them briefly:

  • vegetable (sunflower)
  • castor
  • juniper
  • rapeseed
  • thistle oil
  • linseed
  • aromatic olive oils

Well, and now tell you more about some of these species.

Castor oil.Reviews

is a great addition to almost all kinds of diets, and just a healthy lifestyle.Despite the fact that castor oil has a very nasty smell, even in ancient times, our ancestors used it in order to be cleansed of harmful substances in the body.

castor oil used and externally, and inside.It is recommended to rub the oil in certain areas of the body: thighs, stomach, buttocks.Such a procedure - a kind, prevention of cellulite and, at the same time perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, rejuvenating it.

Important: castor oil is not suitable for so-called oil starvation.

Ian "A good method - to use castor oil, despite its characteristic odor."

Vegetable sunflower oil

Familiar to us all the oil is always necessary for our body, because it contains vitamins A and E, and a considerable number of important trace elements.However, in terms of weight loss, we often wrongly used it!

to throw off excess weight in this manner, follow these simple rules:

  1. During the day, consume a maximum of 25-30 percent of calories from all fats, most of which should fall on the plant.
  2. eat foods cold pressed
  3. Try not to eat fried foods.Otherwise, use the spray to be sprayed sunflower oil for frying food.

Reviews of water with sugar and vegetable oil

interesting kind of diet offered at the time the American scientist-dietician S. Roberts.He recommends taking each day to 400 calories in the form of sweet water (no sweeteners! Only sugar) and vegetable oils (canola, olive).At the same time, according to Roberts, in any case, you can not sit on a rigid diet, but also eat fatty foods and, especially overeating at night, not worth it.The essence of the diet is that in the future there will be no body to ask for junk food, and people will pull more to vegetables, fruits and berries.

In the opinion of people who practiced this method of weight loss, for 7-10 days, you can lose about 1 kg.

What kind of oil to use for weight loss

About thistle oil

thistle - the plant, which is common in almost all regions of Russia.From its seeds to give the product, which is a good way to lose weight.

How to take:

  • recommended 2 times a day on an empty stomach 30-40 minutes before a meal.Take 1 tablespoon, and wash down with a small amount of warm water
  • In addition, you can add thistle oil to salads instead of olive or sunflower.

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