Exercise for Weight Loss

Trainers that will help you lose weight

All of the simulators Gym today enjoys unprecedented popularity.However, many women are embarrassed to go to the gym, because I just do not know what to do with a huge variety of simulators and tools. course, you can consult with a trainer, but you need to know the purpose and most of those or other exercise equipment for weight loss.

first session in the gym you need to spend with an instructor.In such a "trial" lesson, the instructor must conduct a tour of the room, tell all simulators, about what muscle groups are targeted, how to customize them for yourself, how to turn and how to use them properly.His task - just to show you the possibilities of the hall.So take matters into their own hands and pull out the coach as much information.

that information is not passed, be sure to secure it in a notebook.Special attention to the recommendations of the coach, the order of approach to training apparatus and methods to combine them.

cardio On the first visit, and in the future do not necessarily deal with all potential trainers,

and working through the back, and the press, and legs and arms.We need to consult with the instructor, how you combine them better and in what order.Be sure to write this information to the next visit you will not be confused.

draw up a list of exercises - it is convenient.Even the brutal gym regulars usually follow their training in a specific plan.So that you will not look stupid, do not be afraid of it.It is convenient to use special applications for training, uploading them on your smartphone.

Trainers are usually grouped into groups of muscles to which they are directed.

  • Zone cardio
  • Here you will find treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipsoids.If your goal - to increase muscle mass, it will serve you a good cardio workout at the beginning of class and a short conclusion.

    If you need not to increase muscle and lose weight, then the maximum time you should spend in the cardio.It is here that you can burn excess fat, running on a track, walking on the ellipse, pedaling on a stationary bike.

  • Zone strength training
  • These simulators are aimed at the development of certain muscle groups to build their volume and reduction in tone.

    Of course, there is an algorithm of action and work with such simulators:

    1. The first thing you need to manually configure the load.Beginners usually 10-15.
    2. If it is not clear what to do with the training, pay attention to the instructions that indicate where to put his feet and how to move.
    3. Maximum effectively perform exercises in three sets of 15 times.
    4. Mix and load on the two groups of muscles, for example, back and leg muscles today abdominal muscles and arms - tomorrow.

  • Leg
  • simulators for all the leg muscles are usually grouped together, they can be alternated on the same lesson.

    usually the most problematic place - a quadriceps muscle, so it needs special attention.

    developing the leg muscles is important to remember that, first of all, you should be comfortable on the simulator, so taking too great a burden is not worth it.

  • Simulator for the chest muscles
  • With this simulator you tighten the problem area between the chest and shoulder, improve breast shape.Remember that it is very important to follow the breath moving forward is performed on the exhale, the movement itself - on inspiration.

  • Simulator for deltoid
    developed deltoid provides the beauty of hands and forearms as a whole, in particular.This simulator is important to use: you have to press your lower back firmly against the back seat.
  • Lat Machine
  • so called trainer for back and shoulders.It is important to start the simulator, only carefully warmed up and warmed up.Remember back - you need to keep it straight, feet - also a right angle.The bar on this simulator can be lowered in front of chest or behind your back.In the first case exercise the chest muscles, abdomen and arms, while the second - the latissimus dorsi.

  • Simulator for press
  • Press - the most problematic area in both women and men.Accordingly, the simulator for the press is very popular.

    securely locked arms and legs start to exercise and keep in mind that should lean on the exhale, and rise - on inspiration.Legs should be based on the platform the whole foot and be strictly parallel to each other.In order not to overload the back, no need to put too much weight, do not need to overwork trying to tilt more than you allowing your stretching.

      All of the simulators Follow the rules of etiquette at the gym: Observe all, do not take the simulator longer than necessary.

      important to remember the food, do not come to the gym with a stuffed stomach.Snack something easy, cottage cheese or fruit.During exercise, drink plenty of water.

      Combining proper diet and regular exercise, you will feel better and introduce your body in order.

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