Dietary supplements for weight loss

Essential oils for weight loss

Essential oils for weight loss Aromatic oils, which in ancient times was called the spices, practiced since ancient times in many different purposes.In general, fine fragrances used by women, as well as used in church affairs, and for medicinal purposes.Now different kinds of essential oil to successfully solve problems excess weight in combination with other methods of losing weight.

Do not assume that essential oils are not suitable for weight loss and ineffective - testimonials of people who have experienced their own personal experience, as a rule, several products of aromatherapy say just did the opposite.Of course, as we have explained above, to think that only one oil can solve the problem of obesity, it is unwise.Typically, people who want to lose weight, always combine this method with regular exercise, proper nutrition, safe Badami for weight loss and other.

Exactly how essential oils can help to reduce overweight

Basically we are talking about the external application: they are usually rubbed intoskin when massaged

and added to warm water when taking a bath.But such options are permitted and applications, such as inhalation and ingestion, which we'll talk today.

How to apply to the inside - juniper, citrus

Essential oils for weight loss

Most of all essential oils are absolutely not suitable for the reception, along with a meal or a drink, but fortunately, there are exceptions.So, let's list what essential oils you can still take in the dissolved form of food:

  • grapefruit orange lemon
  • mozhzhevelevoe
  • tangerine

How to use them?

It is clear that in any case it is impossible to drink a substance in its pure form!But dissolved in water - not the best way, because it almost does not dissolve the oil.This means that you need to find other beverages or foods to which oil inside the intake will be much more pleasant and efficient.The best products for the dissolution of the following esters:

  • milk
  • jelly honey
  • jam
  • any vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, canola)

You can also take a piece of bread or a spoonful of sugar and add 3-4drops "edible" essential oil.Well in this form to apply juniper, but above citrus species are also good.

Other effective ways to lose weight with the help of essential oils

Essential oils for weight loss

  1. and massage oil blend.The recipe of the mixture is the following: 12-13 drops of cypress oil, the same amount - juniper and about 50 ml of jojoba oil.During the massage, you need to rub into the skin of the mixture.
  2. baths and aromatherapy.Experts recommend losing weight all take baths with essential oils, but here you need to follow a small but significant condition should always mix the oil with any emulsifier, under which most often imply any foam bath.Instead, the foam should be fine and more natural products: milk, honey and bran.It is necessary, first of all, to the oil as much as possible uniformly distributed in the water and to better interact with the skin.

most powerful essential oils, used for weight loss

In addition to the above it should be noted bergamot, lemongrass, patchouli, lavender, geranium, rosemary.Often practiced by mixing the substances, but the main thing here is not to overdo, and the right mix of flavors will give a positive effect.For example, rosemary is perfectly in harmony with lavender or bergamot and lemon or grapefruit - with juniper.

How to choose the essential oil in the store?

  1. Ideally, you get a quality product only in specialty stores or ordered online from reputable sellers or producers oils.
  2. Nastoyascheeefirnoe oil will cost several hundred rubles and above.30-40 rubles likely sold a fake.
  3. When choosing a product, ask the seller, so it dripped a little oil on a sheet of paper - in half an hour, if the oil quality, you will not see any trace on paper!
  4. There is another interesting way to check the quality of products: Ask a bottle of chamomile oil.If it is blue in color and smells very unpleasant sharply - so now, and based on this we can conclude that the rest of the products inspires confidence.
  5. Also, do not forget about the shelf life - always check the packaging.

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