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Tips and video to lose weight fast at home

How to lose weight

think about how to lose weight at home quickly and easily without the simulators?Ready for a special occasion and want to wear your favorite dress?It is possible to implement without dramatic changes in their way of life. To do this, follow two rules:

  • eat right.
  • Increase physical activity.

What is good nutrition?

You might think that good nutrition - it's just the exception of harmful products like cheap lemonade, crackers and chips with preservatives?Not at all.In addition to nutrition, it is important to think about the amount of food and the frequency of its methods.

Nutritionists recommend eating food five times a day in small portions.If you are thinking about how to lose weight at home for a month, I believe that, for example, after 17:00 you do not need to eat, you're wrong.Overeating is not necessary, but refuse to eat at all - is unreasonable, because about 15 hours, the body will have to starve, which will reduce the effectiveness of weight loss due to the reduction of energy costs

.Appears inefficiency, lethargy, fatigue, you will always want to eat and sleep, and the weight will not go away.The correct process of losing weight is the key role played by regular meals.A person should not suffer from hunger - even in the evening you can eat low-fat yogurt or drink a glass of low-calorie yogurt, and sometimes you can even afford a light vegetable salad, dressed with a little olive oil.

Given that methods of cooking are carried out every three hours, should limit their volumes - at a time you can eat no more than 200 grams of food, which by volume is equal to one glass if you do not have scales.Before (!) Meal, drink a glass of water - it will fill your stomach and give you the opportunity to eat it as much as necessary, but not overeat.

What you need to eliminate from your diet:

  • Bakery.
  • Animal fats (badger, fish oil, lard, butter, fatty meat and fish).
  • Foods that contain a lot of sugar (in particular, natural juices).
  • smoking.

Increase water consumption.For the body large amounts of water are stress - and the more you drink it, the more stress hormones produced.That they burn fat, so the water is so important for weight loss.Nutritionists recommend drinking about two liters of clean water without gas per day.If desired, the water can add lemon juice - this will give the body a valuable vitamin C, and accelerate the process of digestion.

How to lose weight at home - video and recommendations

If you are wondering: How to build a house without simulators and lose weight without strict diets, in addition to adjusting the power you need to exercise.It is possible to do special exercises, and do normal exercise, jog or play volleyball.The load is determined depending on the health condition, age, constitution and the desired results.However, we should remember that fat is burned only during exercise that lasts more than 30 minutes.

Those who want to lose weight at home, not necessarily regularly go to the gym - a certain set of exercises that will relieve you of body fat, you can perform at home.Check out the video to lose weight fast at home:

If you are dreaming of a lean legs and hips follow the recommendations from the video how to lose weight in the legs at home:

Exercise is recommended in the first half of the day - in the morning, before the first dosefood.Or, if you do not have time, then two hours after a meal.Remember regularity - do exercise every day for at least half an hour, and after a few weeks you will see the first results.

Another common problem many women are fat deposits in the abdominal area.See how to remove the stomach, hips and how to lose weight at home on video:

Here are some simple ways of losing weight are available to everyone - and not have to resort to expensive nutritionists, trainers and other specialists.Keep your body in a healthy condition, watch diet and be always in shape!

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