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Lose weight without dieting

These 16 simple rules may help you, like me, without much effort to lose weight and gain excellent physical shape.

Fighting overweight you can try hundreds of diets, spend a considerable amount on various dietary supplements, pills and teas for weight loss, medical procedures, and it does not achieve absolutely nothing but wasted money and nerves.And you can slowly but surely come to the realization of his dream of an ideal figure, adhering to the 16 simple rules and bringing them to the observance of automatism.

Lose weight without dieting
1. You can not starve yourself.Our sensitive organism responds immediately to the shortage of necessary calories inhibition of metabolism and accumulation of fat.A simple approach is reasonable to take food.

2. Before the meal (for 20 minutes), be sure to drink 1 or 2 cups of water.The water will weaken the feeling of hunger, and as a result, you eat less.

3. Be sure to cook lunch or dinner for yourself or a light broth vegetable soup.

4. To lose weight wit

hout dieting, it is necessary to examine kalorazh and nutritional characteristics of foods that you eat.The amount of fat you consume should not exceed 25 percent of total calories.If you carefully read what is printed on food labels, you will see that even where the fat is not contained, can go off-scale sugar content, which spoils the teeth and contributes to unnecessary calories to your diet.On food labels sugar hides behind such names: glucose, fructose, dextrose, corn syrup, malt, molasses, processed corn starch, maltose, maltodextrin, and lactose.

5. It is believed that it is better to eat often, but little by little.This is so, but the main thing that is.It is best to "snacking" to use fruits and vegetables, because even 50 grams of oatmeal with raisins and nuts contains 15 grams of fat and 280 calories.

6. Teach yourself to eat from small plates, is more like a saucer, and do not eat more than a container can hold.

7. Do not forget about physical exercises.Even elementary squats or jumping rope, if you do this regularly, will bring tangible benefits.Think for a system of incentives.For example, for every 10 minutes of charging you made, throw a coin in a piggy bank.Put the task of thus accumulated money to buy some jewelry or a beautiful bathing suit, for example.And for not performing exercises penalties himself, taking out a piggy bank coin.

8. If you do not "make friends" with the sport, create employment which will provide you with the necessary physical activity.Just to be sure about the existence of the elevator in your house and up the stairs.

9. Eat according to the rule "10 to 90".My favorite food in your daily diet should be 10%, and useful - 90%.

10. The real sweet tooth is quite difficult to do without the sweet.Satisfy your need for better with sweet fruit or vegetables.Very little fat and calories in the diet of cocoa.

11. Always Get a kitchen scales.Serve fish or meat should not weigh more than 85-90 grams, and, of course, these products can not be fat.On the day you can eat 2 servings.

12. Lose weight without dieting is impossible, without changing their eating habits.For example, replace the usual Coca-Cola in the diet, instead of two tablespoons of sugar in tea throw a spoon or drink at all without it.You will not feel much difference, but these changes will help you get rid of a few extra kilos.

13. Try watching TV, doing only what some chores;for example, wiping the dust in the room, turning over books on the shelves, but if your house has a sports trainer (recommended: what to choose, elliptical trainer or treadmill) - it's all fine, watch your favorite TV shows, doing it.

14. Count calories no less carefully than the family budget.After eating too much, be sure to compensate for this additional exercise.

15. Replace all that can be replaced.For example, instead of mayonnaise on a sandwich, use mustard, fat calorie cheese - cheese with a minimum fat content of minced cutlets twisting, replace half the meat sauce with mushrooms and beans.

16. Use the techniques of self-hypnosis and visualization.Falling asleep necessarily represent yourself slim and taut, so what you aspire to become.If you can afford it clearly present, make sure you can do that!

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