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TOP 5: Diets for weight loss in the post

TOP 5: Diets for weight loss in the post Lent - a special event in the lives of many people, because this period provides for the spiritual and physical cleansing.During the post could not be more relevant is the question of the weight loss.Someone from nature is the happy owner of a slim figure, and in this regard afraid to lose weight at the expense of muscle mass or simply become less attractive.Similarly, people devoted to yet another of our article.And for those who want to lose weight, we have specially selected the best diet for weight loss in the post - the choice is yours!

diet in the post: to be or not to be?

first question that naturally arises immediately: what and how much you can eat in the post?The basic rule - the rejection of fasting foods to which the meat, eggs, milk and dairy products, fish, eggs, butter.Read more about the power circuit and the church calendar, you can read here.

It would seem that such a reduction in the mode of ingestion immediately entail the loss of excess weight, but it is not a prerequisite!In

using a fair amount of bread, dried fruits, and generally over-eating high-calorie foods, you can even run the risk of gaining weight!On the other hand, it is important to strike a balance between the desire postroynet and the needs of the body, so as not to harm the latter.A properly chosen diet - the key to health and wellness, and we are ready to help you with that!

top 5 diets for weight loss in post

  1. Diet Catherine Mirimanova "Minus 60".
    The beauty of this approach is that it's not even a diet - it is a real power system, which can observe even a lifetime!The basic principle is this: before noon, you can eat whatever you want, after 12 - Get out of the diet of junk food by type of sweet, flour, fried and greasy, and the last meal is transferred to 18 pm.
    main thing - that the products you choose for yourself, and thus did not need to look for ingredients for sophisticated recipes or give up your favorite foods!Adhere to the principles of this system can be easily and after fasting, adding to the diet of meat, fish, dairy dishes.In addition, stopping fast, you definitely do not reach extra kilos!TOP 5: Diets for weight loss in the post
  2. Diet "five tablespoons."
    Another diet is not so much how much the culture of food consumption.Stomach modern man stretched impossibly significantly goes beyond the scope of Mother Nature.The root of evil - what we eat out of habit, not only to stave off hunger."Five tablespoons" will help you to reduce the volume of the stomach, to achieve much more rapid saturation and, of course, much postroynet!Again, the extra weight will not return even after returning Skoromniy favorite dishes!
  3. Anti-cellulite diet for 10 days.
    improvement of health, detoxification, cleansing, and a significant step in the fight against orange peel - these are some pluses anti-cellulite diet.Especially good to stick to this diet during Lent, as the plan does not provide dietary food gap church.Fruits and vegetables - a basis which will not only help get rid of the problems with the appearance, but also become a source of this vitamin in the sleepy winter and autumn!
  4. vegetable diet.
    Vegetables constitute a basis for food during Lent, so this diet fits perfectly!From the list of add-on products, you can select the resolution of toast, cereal, juice, soybeans and mushrooms.On days when you can eat the fish - add to salads and her!Experiment with soups, methods of preparation of a vegetable - the options are countless, we need only to want.TOP 5: Diets for weight loss in the post
  5. Mushroom diet .
    People who prefer fast, for some reason, often overlooked about mushrooms.Meanwhile mushrooms - an excellent substitute for meat production, a source of necessary protein and a tasty treat!On the site you can find several options mushroom diet and choose the one that seems most appropriate.In one exactly be confident: the weight will take all means!

TOP 5: Diets for weight loss in the post

diet in the post - is very effective in many respects the right tool to maintain a good appearance, a chance to purify body and feel better, so arm yourself with dietary counseling, a positive attitude, the necessary products - and good luck!

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