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Yoga «mind and body» - the harmony of body and soul

Yoga mind and body - the harmony of body and soul Yoga «Mind and Body» literally means "for body and soul."This set of exercises aimed not only at achieving harmony in life, but it can be used to bring the body in order, and get rid of unnecessary kilograms.During the training the body is cleared of harmful substances, which contributes to better health.Between mind and body equilibrium is established, that in the future will allow to achieve any of the goals and to avoid failures.

«Mind and Body» - the best yoga for beginners, because it is different soft, flowing, meditative exercises that are aimed at both the physical health and emotional state to equalize.Thanks to these classes, you can completely get into the spirit of yoga, and to explore all of its features.Regularly attending group or individual lessons, you can get a toned body and peace of mind.

to lose weight through yoga

Yoga «Mind and body» include a range of versatile exercises.If you doubt that overpower the program, you can see online videos yoga for beginners and understand th

at people can attend classes of any age and any level of physical fitness.

Depending on the intensity of the program, you can choose:

  • basic level;
  • average;
  • advanced level.

Yoga allows the human body to produce more insulin while simultaneously reducing the production of the stress hormone.It turns out that the food used the day for a man goes into energy rather than fat.Yoga for weight loss does not mean that kgs will leave at a constant diet, the very first thing is to exclude from the menu of all artificial and fatty foods.

Yoga classes are not only in the performance of certain exercises, but in the breathing practices.It is important to be patient and do not move on to more difficult exercises until you have mastered the previous one.Unlike dieting and exercising at the gym, yoga exercises can achieve a longer effect.

Whereas in the gym the load goes to a certain part of the body, while yoga is carried out a comprehensive approach.Proper exercises allow the muscles to remain relaxed and joints are not stretched.To speed up the metabolism in the body, requires a special breathing technique.If you do not know where to start and what exercises to be prepared, we recommend to watch the video with yoga.

Species practices

In turn, the ancient teachings of yoga is divided into several branches:

  • hatha yoga;
  • kundalini yoga;
  • ashtanga yoga;
  • Bikram Yoga;
  • Iyengar Yoga.

The first two are considered classic, and will not allow the result to the people who have chosen a particular method to combat obesity.Weight loss does not occur as a result of exercise, and as a consequence of changes in life values ​​and orientations.

Ashtanga ideal for people more prepared physically.Asanas are often combined with fitness and between poses can not take breaks.In the first set of exercises contains 90 postures, each of which must hold at least a minute.In order to facilitate a class, you can do yoga in the park.Fresh air will act encouragingly at the body and soul.

Bikram - the most exotic kind of employment.To achieve the desired effect can be engaged either in India or in similar climatic conditions.The temperature in the hall for employment should reach 40 ° C and humidity - 40%.Due to intense sweating disappears overweight.Together with then go out toxins.As with any other kind of yoga in Bikram includes breathing practices, and a particular set of poses.

Iyengar Classes are taught to hold a certain position of the body, and thereby achieve perfection figure.

Whatever system activities you choose, it is desirable to use a special yoga mat for greater comfort.A video lessons on yoga will help you to quickly understand and practice to feel confident during group sessions.

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