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Belly dancing for weight loss

Belly dancing for weight loss Lose weight with the help of dance is much easier and more enjoyable than using a jog or a few hours in the gym.The dance itself is an art, an exercise for relaxation and self-esteem.When we dance, the body not only spends calories, but also supplies the proper person "the hormone of happiness."
dance itself - it is a serious exercise.But if it makes it to move "problematic" areas of the body, tensing certain muscle groups, the result is more and direction.To adjust the shape of the waist and hips, often suggest the use of belly dancing.

What is the use of oriental dance for weight loss?

addition that regular exercise dancing, in particular, eastern, burns extra calories and trains the muscles, this hobby is useful for other reasons:

  • strengthening bones (along with proper nutrition that will help keep the flexible bone even in old age);
  • anti-aging (if dancing in pleasure, so you can be treated for stress and mental overload);
  • normalization of cholesterol (rhythmic motion outputted from the blo
    od of harmful substances and normalize blood glucose);
  • memory improvement (constant load improves the blood supply of the brain);
  • struggle with depression (dance lesson - is a great way to escape, and if the cause of depression has become overweight, then their own success in the dance actually improve certain mood);
  • full social life (we like to be in the company, we love when we praise and when we have something turns out better than the other).

Belly dancing for weight loss

Dancing for beginners

One of the reasons due to which the woman does not want to go to a dance class (or in an ordinary gym) - it is the fear of failure.It is therefore proposed at first to master a few basic lessons at home.Make it easy to eat, if you look detailed and simple lessons.For example:

There are entire video courses that teach oriental dance at home.To increase the effect of training, you can enroll in a dance club.

To do this:

  • carefully examine its program;
  • get acquainted with the visitors;
  • attend one or two sessions to watch;
  • communicate with the coach (sometimes inattention, rudeness and arrogance of the teacher completely discourage the desire to engage in his group);
  • join the group for beginners.

Some clubs specifically lay out promotional video with your workouts, taking them of its members in the natural atmosphere of classes.Sometimes the coach recorded demonstrations for marketing purposes.

Belly Slimming

It is the most common type of oriental dance.It not only corrects a figure, but also makes sexy dancer.Some women use it as a tool of seduction.Intense movement of hips, waist, diaphragm, spine very good for your health and well-adjusted figure.See basic lessons in this technique will be useful for all beginners before going to dance class.

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