Fasting days

Are the fasting days?

Most nutritionists recommend fasting days for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, and as one of the elements of a healthy diet.
The benefits of fasting days says a lot. look at them from the perspective of the person to whom they really helped to get rid of excess weight.

Thus, a review of women regularly practicing fasting days.

about a year I arrange fasting days a week.And at this moment I can say that the advent of the next of which makes me only happy emotions.Although the first course had to strain every nerve to withstand the day.Since I had been a man, not much inclined to restrict themselves in food, especially sweet.But the time has come to look in the mirror has once again did not want to.

What helped me at the 1st stage?Most importantly, perhaps - understanding of domestic and colleagues.They all agreed not to remind once again about the food one day a week.To prepare her husband and children, I tried the day before to the day they can warm up.
However, now, when the body is us

ed to, I can calmly look at any food, knowing that tomorrow I quietly eat whatever I want.And the first time had to endure the discomfort of the impossibility of something to chew on.On itself I had to feel how strong psychological dependence on that desire.And how much food we consume is actually unnecessary "thanks" to this relationship and stretch the stomach.About 2 months later I was able to get rid of the constant desire to "chew".

In this sense, a big plus in the fasting days, it is necessary to adjust itself to suffer only one day a week.This is actually the effect was much stronger than I even expected.

Firstly, I gradually began to get rid of food dependence and on other days, as a result of impact, of course, on my weight for the better.
Secondly, during the unloading of the day stomach shrinks, so the next day if they wanted to "otest" actually eats much less than in the days before discharge.And over time, I unconsciously began to eat less and to all the other days that are not bound to affect the figure.

Another plus weekly unloading to the body - the possibility to rest throughout the gastrointestinal tract.The stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys, gall bladder get a break from the endless labors, and because we have, in spite of the development of science, there is no opportunity to change their bodies to the extent of wear.
If you periodically aches stomach aches or in the side, try to arrange a fasting day, certainly in this day of such unpleasant sensations you experience.

For a year I lost 21 kg .In addition, for myself, I concluded that fasting days - a great way to continue to support the weight and health.If you realize that your health is far from ideal, try to change something in your diet at least once a week.

With regard to specific prescriptions for unloading, everything individually.I for one do not like milk, so the most popular on the fasting day molokochae - not for me.I usually prefer the summer - berries with cream cheese, and in the winter - orange or grapefruit plus a few slices of dark chocolate, if you feel not very good, eat in a day is still a teaspoon - two medals.And lately become more frequent fasting days on the water.

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