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Vegetarian unloading diet for two days

That winter passed.You look, and summer is just around the corner.This means that when the time comes to lose thick warm sweater, many experience at the sight of herself shock.From nowhere, came the hated fold, not figure coloring.

necessary to give your body a break from the high-calorie fatty foods, which we often use in the winter.The two-day diet - that's what he needs.It's not just a diet, but a diet cleansing, that is not only helps lose weight, but also to cleanse the body.

So, be reserved willpower!

So, the first day.

start it with breakfast.For him the suit anything from citrus orange, mandarin (if small - you can eat two pieces), grapefruit, pomelo citrus ... To add a few slices of pineapple, apple, some grapes.Within the scope of this dish should take a medium-sized bowl.Replace the familiar coffee mineral water and herbal teas.

snack.For a snack perfect little salad of kiwi, grapes and grapefruit, in which in any case do not add sugar or yogurt.Again, mineral water and chamomile tea.

fruit for lunch again.Any fruit salad for your imagination (no bananas).

Dinner.Banana and camomile tea.

second day.

The next day we start with a cleansing diet refreshing glasses of fresh carrot juice, adding a little salt and, if desired, black allspice and mix all possible with the help of sticks of celery, which of course then you can eat.Bake on the grill four large tomatoes, which can also be flavor seasonings to your taste.Still we drink instead of tea and coffee and mineral water, herbal tea.

Snack or lunch.Fresh vegetable salad with radishes, cucumber, celery and bell pepper, green is the way.Add a little lemon juice and spices to taste.

Lunch steamed vegetables: cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, adding a little salt and pepper.Drink mineral water and herbal tea.

important during this brief diet drink at least one liter of water plus herbal tea.Twice a day is also recommended to consume vitamin C.

hold on this diet for two days is not too difficult.After all, there can be quite common and very tasty.On the first day we eat only fruit: sweet, juicy, best desserts in the world, useful and natural, the second - vegetables.

After this diet, you will feel easy, good humor will be your companion, and will have more power, and most importantly, you get rid of a couple of kilograms hated you.

Also on the third day you will have a chance (and incentive) to switch to less nutritious and healthier "summer" food.

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