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Exercises on the ball

Exercises on the ball exercises on the ball - it's a great way to improve overall health, develop coordination and spend excess calories.These exercises will allow you to get rid of extra kilograms and become slim and toned body.

Features of the muscles during exercises on the ball

Catching up on balls for fitness, you are forcing your muscles to work cohesively in a single rhythm, silently asking them maximum load.This allows you to find the perfect shape, develop flexibility and grace of his own body.
In order to achieve maximum effect, you will need to observe safety training.Daily short workout will allow you to achieve significantly better results than the maximum load once a week.
Exercises on the ball

How to choose a ball for fitness

To get the most benefit from training, it is necessary to choose the rubber ball-fitball.It is not necessary to dwell on those who have too thin a skin, because they can burst during training.
size of the ball is dependent on growth.

  • If your height is 170 cm, choose the ball diameter is 0.55 m;
  • With the growth of 170-180 cm, select a ball with a diameter of 0.65 m;
  • If your height is 180 cm, you will be most convenient to train on a big ball with a diameter of 0.85 m.

To select the optimal ball, sit down on it.Ideally, your feet, hips, and should be at an angle of 90 degrees.

basic exercises with the ball

detail view technique perform different aerobic exercise can video:

  1. Start with push-ups.Place a gym ball under your knees, hands to rest against the floor.The legs and body should be parallel to the floor.On the inhale bend your elbows, unbend - exhale.This exercise will help strengthen the muscles of the arms, chest and press.
  2. Stretching exercises.Get on your knees, his hands resting on fitball.Pull the ball, gently pulling the body.Try to maintain balance.
  3. To strengthen the press, lower back muscles and spine, lie on your back.Legs bent at the knees, put on the ball, while respecting the right angle.Keep your hands behind your head and gently lift the body up.
  4. Put fitball under the belly and lift your legs so that the body has taken a horizontal position.Try to keep your balance, count to 5, and start anew.
  5. To strengthen the lower abs and buttocks, bend your knees.Keep feet gymnastic ball, putting them behind.Lift the waist, pulling her knees to the body.
  6. To strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles, lie on your back, feet, hold the ball and lift it up.Hands behind your head lock and pull each elbow to the opposite knee up.

look in detail, how to lose weight through a set of exercises on the ball:

Exercises with fitball allow you to not only lose weight, and to construct a perfect body, but also the cheerfulness and good mood!

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