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Moon diet

Moon diet is based on changing the phases of the moon, which is believed to have an impact on our body.It is known that man is composed of 70-80% water, astronomers believe that the moon, controlling the ebb and flow of the oceans, and also affects the human body.

Moon diet cleanses and "shakes" the body makes to restructure and change their usual diet.There are two phases of the moon diet: For a full moon and new moon, each of them can be carried out one or six days, depending on your wishes and condition.If you observe this diet every full moon and new moon, the body will be constantly purified and rejuvenated.
diet for full moon displays the excess fluid from the body, and a diet that is observed in the new moon, activates the process of lipolysis.

Moon diet is contraindicated in diabetes and impaired blood clotting.

diet for full moon

Moon diet for full moon is based on the consumption of large amounts of fluid and its rapid clearance from the body while cleansing.So, if you decide to stick t

o the lunar diet during the day, then you need to start a night on the eve of the full moon and a 24 hour drink only water, fresh juices, fruit drinks, herbal teas with a diuretic effect.Nutritionists recommend juice, and season appropriate for your region.At the end of the diet, you can lose 1-2 kg and get rid of edema.

If you decide to comply with the full moon lunar diet for six days, then stock up on vegetables, pineapple and mushrooms.Diet menu as follows:

the first day - eat raw and cooked vegetables,
2 and Day 3 - cooked mushrooms and fresh pineapple,
day water and juice - the full moon,
then two days pineapple and mushrooms.

Eat 4-6 times a day, boiled mushrooms and spices have or unrefined olive oil.Mushrooms are good because they give the body useful "muscle" protein, pineapple and expel excess water from the body and prevents the absorption of fat.As a result of such a diet you will lose up to 3 kilos.
can follow a diet for full moon and 3 days: vegetable day, a day of water and juice, pineapple, mushroom day.

Diet for a New Moon

Moon diet for the new moon, not only displays the excess water from the body, but also improves the process of lipolysis (breakdown of fat).Short diet lasts 36 hours, a long - 6 days.Short lunar diet starting at 18 pm on the eve of the new moon, at this time we drink vegetable broth and eat the vegetable soups of your choice.Vegetables can be any from carrots to sweet peppers and potatoes, can be used as bean, once you can even chicken or fish broth.As a result of this diet, you saturate the body of useful minerals and fiber, while washing and purifying it of toxins and impurities.The result - the loss of up to one kilogram.


a six-day diet in the first three days before the new moon, and two days after it is necessary to eat only raw and cooked vegetables - no pineapple and mushrooms.Thus, three days vegetable broth day, two days vegetables.

In no case can not extend the diet for a day or two, it could have a negative impact on the general state of the organism.Also, do not turn into torture diet, if you was not good, it is better to abandon the diet and choose another.

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