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Useful properties of roach

Vobla: benefits and calorie In our country, dried fish traditionally consumed in dried form as a snack with beer.But this is not the only way of cooking.Many fans also prefer the fish fry, smoke, bake and even stew in milk.Its eggs are also used in food, and it is particularly appreciated in the form of saline.Dishes of this fish are obtained tasty and appetizing.In addition, they are recommended as often as possible to include in your diet doctors and nutritionists.
Vobla refers to fish of the carp family, and lives in the Caspian Sea.A couple of centuries ago, it was not considered valuable species of fish, but because it did not use to eat, and caught in the net, just discarded.Today, the attitude towards it has changed dramatically, as people realize that roach - this fish is not only tasty, but extremely useful.


Meat roach, as well as any other marine fish, rich in various vitamins and trace elements.The most important advantage is the high percentage of content in the polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is e

specially important for people with heart problems, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, C, PP Eu.

Among members of the meat of the fish microelements be mentioned fluorine, calcium, potassium, chlorine, iron.

But it is particularly useful due to high content of chromium, and therefore its use is especially indicated for older people whose bodies are not well metabolizes complex carbohydrates.


Depending on the method of preparation of its calorie content may vary.For example, if we talk about stewed or baked version, in 100 grams of meat it contains only 95 kcal, which allows it to be considered an excellent dietary product.But calorie dried or dried fish is already much higher and amounts to 235 kcal per 100 g of product.
Vobla: benefits and calorie

Useful properties

popularity, which has recently enjoyed roach, associated not only with its taste, but also useful properties that have been opened recently.

  • meat of the fish positive impact on the cardiovascular system.According to the research, its regular consumption can reduce the risk of premature death by almost a quarter.In addition, fatty acids tend to accumulate in the body, so even a small piece eaten will be a big benefit.
  • Meat roach is very soft and gentle, and therefore its use is indicated for people who have stomach problems.In addition, many experts recommend that you include it in your diet for older people who have been age-related decrease secretion of digestive organs.So, it is better to give preference to easily digestible foods.For the same reason, this kind of fish is widely used in dietetic food.
  • Vobla, like any other sea fish, boasts a high content of different amino acids - such as lysine, tryptophan, taurine, methionine.Thanks to them, going the natural regulation of blood sugar levels, which is why no harm will pay attention to the meat roach people suffering from diabetes.Furthermore, the lack of these amino acids leads to a reduction in body weight and the development of various diseases.
  • Meat roach containing fish oil dissolves cholesterol and reduces the risk of such dangerous diseases such as atherosclerosis.Studies have shown that the people traditionally consume large amounts of marine fish, a problem such as blood clots in the blood vessels, virtually unknown.

Nevertheless, to all of the above useful qualities are preserved fish, dried fish should be cooked in a certain way.Experts recommend her to put out, and used as part of soups.Do not assume that the use of salt or smoked fish also have a positive impact on health.Especially, if it is used together with alcohol.
Vobla: benefits and calorie

Vobla in cosmetology

Due to its composition, namely its high content in the meat of vitamins, minerals and valuable fatty acids, she could be widely used not only in treatment but also in the cosmetic field.
Typically, cosmetologists use the eggs of the fish.It contains substances that have a beneficial effect on hair growth and skin condition.At the same time the hair is thick and silky, and your skin - cleaner and brighter.Especially shows the use of cosmetics by women of roach eggs at the age of 30 years, since the tool provides a rejuvenating effect and slows the aging process.
Today, the market can meet a variety of cosmetic products, which include the hood of roach eggs.They are designed for different types of skin and hair, and between a different intensity of the impact and cost.Thus, each of the fair sex have no problem to find an option that fits exactly it.
Vobla: benefits and calorie

Vobla slimming

Since the meat and its eggs are low-calorie, this fish is perfect for those who want to get rid of the extra kilos.Each received her calories will be spent on maintenance of the vital processes in the body and certainly not on the postponement of fat reserves, so the best way to effortlessly look after her figure and hard to come up with.
Vobla: benefits and calorie

Good to know there are people who are characterized by intolerance or all marine products, or some of them.That's why if you ever tried dried fish, do not rush immediately to snatch made from her dish.To begin with, eat a small piece and make sure their condition.Only if there is no reaction followed, feel free to include it in your diet.


absolutely no contraindications to the use of roach.However, if you prefer to have it in salted or dried form, the frequent use of the product not only not benefit, but it can also adversely affect your health, bringing him irreparable harm.

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