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The value and benefits of gelatine

The value and benefits of gelatine Gelatin has no smell, no taste.This crystalline powder, which is used to make the density of various dishes.At its core it is an animal protein with special properties, peculiar stretch of tendons, bones, animal skins and fish.Gelatin is widely used around the world cooks how to prepare some appetizers and main dishes and dessert. Many argue that it is beneficial to human health, and some, on the contrary, say the harm that it can cause.

What are the ingredients?

gelatin composition is reduced to presence of a large number of protein components.Besides them, the product has about 18 amino acids.Among them are glycine, hydroxyproline, aspartic, glutamic acids and others.
Among vitamins there can be seen PP (14.5 mg), and the set following minerals:

  • calcium - 700 mg;
  • phosphorus - 300 mg;
  • Magnesium - 80 mg;
  • sodium - 11 mg;
  • potassium - 1 mg.


Gelatin - very high-calorie product.100 g contains as many as 355 calories.Since it is proteinaceous, protein content therein 87.5 g, carbohydra

tes and fats and less than one - 0.5 and 0.7 g, respectively.
The value and benefits of gelatine

Product use

acids, which in large quantities are part of the gelatin, help improve brain function, as well as to strengthen the cardiovascular system.They nourish and muscles, and the brain and the heart and blood vessels.Well affect components and joints.Sometimes
gelatin is added not only in the culinary product, but even in Honey.This combination is not very good effect on the taste and aroma, but it gives the viscosity of honey.
in medical and scientific circles to now there are disputes about how useful a product or it can harm the body.Among the negative features can be identified poor tolerability.In some people, this product is poorly absorbed.
most optimum variant - is the consumption of food.So, enough to eat jellied meat, marmalade, jelly.

overabundance of product in the body harm - may increase blood clotting.

contraindications to the use of this powder is thrombosis, thrombophlebitis.Also, a ban is imposed on people with urolithiasis.This disease is a contraindication because excessive dosage of gelatin may exacerbate the disease.
rare, but there is a contraindication, and allergic reaction.Some rashes observed after application of this product.It also has a slightly bonding property, so people who are prone to constipation, from it should be abandoned.
The value and benefits of gelatine

use in medicine

high content of protein, amino acids make the gelatin useful and endow him with certain properties, the ability to cope with certain ailments.

  • is most commonly used to increase the amount of protein in the body.Such treatment may be necessary if there is an imbalance in human food components.
  • Gelatin is found in many medications as an aid, but an important component.In most cases this can be a capsule.
  • improves the functioning of the brain, increasing its activity.
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system.

But the greatest use found this product in the treatment of joints.The pain can be reduced, and the development of the disease - to stop or slow down.But to achieve these results, you need to go through a long course of several months.
You can find a lot of recipes, how to make the gelatin in the treatment of joints.But the most common and easiest way is the following.We need to take 1 teaspoon of instant food powder and pour 100 ml of cold water.In this state, leave the mixture overnight for swelling.In the morning it is necessary to drink.Only the pre-need to stir 1 teaspoon of honey and add to the top of a glass of hot water.Mix and drink on an empty stomach.After that, there can be no earlier than 30 minutes.
The value and benefits of gelatine
This method of getting rid of the pain and strengthen joints must guzzle courses.After 10 days, the application must go 10 days break.The entire course is 3 months.Only alternating receptions and breaks will be useful joints and cause no damage.

use in cosmetics

Use gelatin in cosmetology invaluable in strengthening the hair.This product is - collagen, which do not have enough hair to be strong and beautiful.Thin and brittle hair will be much better if you regularly consume this product in the food, as well as applied to the hair itself.
gelatin mask, which can be easily done at home, create the effect of lamination.Today is a very popular procedure in beauty salons, which costs money.To achieve the same result can be at home.
For those who do not have the time or desire to mess with multi-component masks, apply them to wait for the right time, there is a simple version of the gelatine to strengthen hair.Powder packets need to fill with water at room temperature to swell and mix this mass with shampoo.The proportion shall be equal to 1: 1. Now you just wash your hair.

use slimming

At first glance, 355 kcal - a figure that is not conducive to weight loss.However, 100 g of product at a time to use impossible.Typically, the packet contains one or 15 or 30 grams.Small bag enough to prepare diet meals - fresh fruit jelly, chicken in aspic, or low-calorie dessert.These dishes are both delicious and benefit figure, and will be endowed with the properties of gelatin.
The value and benefits of gelatine


Those who are not interested in the medical side of the gelatin in the first place put no favor and taste.This applies to cooking.With this product, they create new dishes.Today packets of gelatin powder can be found in the kitchen of every housewife.Not only
marmalade, jelly or jelly candy can be prepared based on this product.It can be added to the soup to make it more dense.A cream with a small portion of the gelatin would be better to hold the form and will spread along the edges.Any dish can be made denser - and yogurt, and the sauce and yogurt.And if the powder does not dissolve in water, and in the milk, then mixed with oatmeal, you get a delicious and nutritious breakfast that will only benefit.

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