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Fleksitarianskaya diet

Fleksitarianskaya diet If you decide to become a vegetarian, but confused by the idea of ​​a complete renunciation of favorite meat dishes, the output can be fleksitarianskaya diet.It helps to lose weight, to get the maximum benefit from a vegetarian and avoid the complete rejection of meat products.

theoretical basis diet

semi-vegetarianism - a relatively new term in dietetics.It is formed from two words: flexible (flexible) and vegetarianism.

accumulated sufficient scientific evidence in favor of vegetarianism.Studies show that vegetarians live on average 3.6 years longer and weigh 15% less than those who do not adhere to this way of life.Thus vegetarianism is not only advantages but also disadvantages.

With fleksitarianskoy diet, say its supporters, you can lose 15-20 kg for 6-12 months.This diet not only promotes the use of fresh, natural and seasonal products, but also include animal products, providing greater freedom of action.

What diet diet?

fleksitarianskoy typical menu diet provides the body with 1500 kc

al intake divided into three meals and two snacks.

breakfast should contain 300 calories, lunch - 400, dinner - and everyone in between 500 150 kcal snack.

Depending on individual needs and goals of the diet, you can limit the intake of calories to 1200 (excluding the snacks), or to increase up to 1800, doubling the calorie breakfast.Although consumption of meat products is limited, the diet allows to use daily 50g of food of animal origin.

fleksitarianskogo Example menu of the day:

    • Breakfast: apple and toast with almond butter or a serving of oatmeal.
    • Lunch: avocado and black bean dish of lentils or.
    • Dinner: salad of quinoa and curry or fried brown rice with almonds or with mushrooms.
    • Intermediates: popcorn and chocolate mousse with raspberries.

Fleksitarianskaya diet includes a variety of foods from ordinary sold in any shop, to the more exotic - quinoa (a South American cereal) and tofu.

followers of semi-vegetarianism are three levels of dieting :

    • Beginner - at least two days a week without meat.
    • Advanced - three or four days a week without meat.
    • Expert - five days a week without meat, and in the remaining two days allowed the use of up to 500 grams of meat (250 - per day).

Whatever the level, the meat must be seen as a complement to food and not its substantial shares.A more important part of the menu is a plant food, including a variety of legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains.
«As soon as you will eat less sugar, preservatives or artificial additives, your desire for sweets and fast food will drop significantly," - says the author of a diet Dr. J. Doaun. Blatner.

How does fleksitarianskaya diet?

As its name suggests, the main objective fleksitarianskoy diets - to meet the needs of each person in the required products.From a very long list of approved products, you can choose a suitable for yourself and achieve weight loss and health improvement.Of course, the diet should be combined with a feasible exercise.
In terms of the duration of the diet can be followed, for example, 5 weeks, or even go to it finally.

to nutritionists about diet

Most nutritionists approve of the main provisions of fleksitarianskoy diet, because it is well balanced, reasonable and suitable for almost everyone.It promotes the idea that we should not resort to extremes when it comes to nutrition and sports.

Most products recommended in the diet is really healthy and natural, rich in antioxidants and low in calories.Moreover, limited consumption of fatty meat, fast food and regular physical activity will also be useful for weight loss.

You can not go wrong, if you will try to use this diet.It can teach you the basics of vegetarianism.In addition, the majority of people every day so follow the recommendations fleksitarianskoy diet, to some extent, without even realizing it.

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