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How to cook fish cakes in a double boiler

The fact that the fish - this is one of the most useful products, no one will argue.It contains a huge amount of nutrients that help our body to feel normal. But we all know that the thermal processing of fish - is the loss of a huge number of the most useful substances, which under the influence of high temperatures lose their quality, and many of them simply split.

But cooking fish for a couple allows many useful features of this product to maintain unchanged.In addition, the absence of oil makes these dietary meals.Therefore, in this article I would like to give a few recipes for cooking fish in a double boiler.And to be more precise, cooking fish cutlets.

Recipes fish cakes in a double boiler

Let's start with the fact that the fish cakes have one beef, unlike recipes - this additional ingredients.So first of all we describe how to prepare stuffing for fish cutlets.

  • To do this you need to fish fillets which passed through a meat grinder.
  • second component of the stuffing - a bread crumb, whic
    h is impregnated with the milk.Both
  • ingredient mince again.
  • In the resulting mass is added an egg, do not forget to add salt.
  • And now a very important point - the stuffing should be good to stretch, make it airy.To do this, it lifts the above table and knock on it.

way, this stuffing - is already half-finished product that can be formed into chunks and cook in a double boiler.This diet fishcakes.

fishcakes with carrots

all produced in much the same way as in the previous recipe.The only thing - add carrots, rubbed on a grater, and chopped onions.Such minced meat should be thoroughly mixed.Ready cutlets are very cheerful, because it turns the dish with orange highlights.And if you add in a little minced chopped greens, that kind of dishes will be quite original.

cutlets fish with semolina and cheese

When preparing stuffing for these meatballs, to add to its production phase, when the grind through the meat grinder fish fillets and bread soaked in milk, fried onion rings.Then it added semolina, eggs, grated processed cheese and fresh herbs.

important point - a minced form and can not immediately put in a steamer.It is necessary to semolina swollen.Therefore, it is necessary to put the finished stuffing aside for 20-25 minutes, so that he "reached."

Fish cutlets with cabbage in a double boiler

In principle, these burgers are prepared using the same technology, as well as with the addition of carrots.For this purpose, the standard ready minced fish should add the onion and cabbage, which are also passed through a meat grinder.All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, add salt and pepper.Finished balls are put in a steamer and cook for 20 minutes.

These burgers are usually served with vegetables, you can pour the sour cream.The fine meal.


you yourself were able to see that the fish cakes in a double boiler different from the usual fried only way to bring them up to readiness.In all other respects, it is the usual burgers.But prepared in this way, they stand in line with other diets.After steamed, they not only are tasty, tender and very juicy, in the fish retains all the beneficial nutrients.It turns combination: excellent taste, preserving all nutrients and added dietichnost dishes.And it all oh so necessary to our body.

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