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Diet for pregnant women

Diet for pregnant women Drinking diet for pregnant women in our country and abroad differs significantly."We" can still be found in the spirit of advice "eat for two, it contributes to the proper development of the child.""They" condemned the mass media abuse hunger strikes and pace yourself in the gym moms.Americans even coined the term "mamareksiya», from the words "mother" and "anorexia" and means it is too severe dietary restrictions, imposed in fear of gaining anything during pregnancy.

Protein diet for pregnant

WHO Doctors believe that in most countries people are malnourished squirrel.For expectant mothers is fraught with a lack of protein metabolism slowing down, improper development of the muscular system of the fetus, and ... a set of fat mass.Physicians are advised not to rely on what you do not want meat and eggs, and input source of complete protein in the diet, even if "the soul needs to" roll.

protein diet for pregnant women has nothing to do with such a plan for athletes.You just have to raise the use of

pure protein to 2-2, 5 g per day per 1 kg of his own body weight.Before you begin to change the diet, pass a medical examination - protein diet for pregnant contraindicated in certain diseases of the liver and kidneys.

In practice, you have to eat 4-5 times a day and eat with each meal one portion of protein foods, such as:

  • 6 egg whites;
  • 200 g of cheese, 0-5% fat;
  • 150 grams of fish or seafood;
  • 150 g of white poultry meat;
  • 120 grams of red meat - beef, veal, lamb, lean pork;
  • 250 ml rich in calcium and protein of milk or yogurt.

Remember, kefir and yogurt usually contain quite a bit of protein - 3-4 g per 100 g, and consider them as a good source of protein is not necessary."The rest of the" diet should consist of natural cereals, wholemeal bread, vegetables, fruit.Juices and other sugary drinks most doctors are advised to avoid - they raise blood sugar levels and provoke hunger.

If you are worried about the problem of weight, it is better to turn to a professional dietitian for diet preparation for this period of life.It will not only make the menu, but also to correctly determine whether you can keep protein diet during pregnancy .

salt-free diet for pregnant swelling

salt-free diet for pregnant women is used for edema, or if there is a tendency to fluid retention.Swelling provoke an increase in pressure, so most doctors, noticing their presence in a pregnant woman, advise to sit a couple of weeks on a low sodium diet.

Usually salt-free protein diet during pregnancy reduced to the exclusion of:

  • any salt during cooking - replace it with a powdered garlic or lemon juice, if you are not allergic to these products;
  • soy sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces store;
  • all the seasonings with more salt and monosodium glutamate in the composition;
  • semi-finished products, concentrates and other products, "noodles", including "domestic" and "store" canned meat, fish and vegetables.

If you are used dosalivat meals and eat all of the above, on their own, "prescribe" a diet without salt is not recommended.Be sure to check with your doctor, leading pregnancy, before deciding on any radical change diet.

Diet Dr. Eygoltsa for pregnant

protein diet during pregnancy Eygoltsa doctor - nothing more than an adaptation of the rules of healthy food recommended by WHO to the needs of the woman's body, bears a child.Basically, the diet is based on the well-known food pyramid.

  • The basis of the menu - baked potatoes, whole-grain cereals, breads.These foods can be eaten 3-5 times a day, that is, with every meal.Portion - 30 grams of bread or 100 g of any cereal or potatoes boiled.Adds the source of complex carbohydrates in soups, side dishes are cook, or making a sandwich with bread.Eygolts does not recommend a radical change habits - if you always ate toast in the morning, it is not necessary to switch to oatmeal, just take to toast wholemeal bread.
  • second "secret ingredient" - vegetables, herbs and fruits.You have to eat one serving of these foods with each meal.Portion - a 200 g steamed vegetables or salad oil, but not mayonnaise dressing or 1 medium-sized fruit or 200 g of berries.
  • Further, relying on the day 1 serving lean - 120 grams, and one portion of eggs (two pieces), or dairy products (cheese 200 g 100 g 250 ml yogurt milk or yogurt).Exceptions are subject to sweets, coffee, semi-finished and all the "ballast" foods like chips.

protein diet during pregnancy Eygoltsa gives amazing results.Most of the women come out of the hospital in "doberemennom" weight babies are born healthy and strong, and the figure is restored as soon as possible.Diet during pregnancy is easy - just buy for themselves all the qualitative and do not forget that "eating for two" - does not mean having a healthy baby.

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