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How not to gain weight in the Shrove Tuesday: diet Pancake week

How not to gain weight in the Shrove Tuesday: diet Pancake week Shrovetide we associate with fun festivities, sledging, uncontrolled eating appetizing ruddy pancakes with delicious toppings.But what about those who follow a healthy diet or can not eat high-calorie foods as health?How not to gain weight in the Shrove Tuesday?What to eat in the carnival, not to recover?

cook delicious and at the same time, dietary pancake menu will not be difficult.Quick recipe for gluten-free pancakes made from rice and buckwheat flour is useful not only losing weight young ladies, but also for people suffering from celiac disease or a food allergy.

What to eat in the carnival, not to recover?

How not to gain weight in the Shrove Tuesday: diet Pancake week

Not everyone knows that the days of Maslenitsa have their own specific names and meaning.The menu at each of those days to be special.

Monday.Come, dear matchmakers!

This day not necessarily start with the cooking pancakes.It should be like to have fun, meet a holiday, going to mass celebrations.Pancakes are starting to bake in the evening for the arrival of guests.In order not to ga

in weight in the carnival, cook a dish of whole wheat flour with the addition of wheat bran.It's delicious, useful and will not harm the figure.According to the tradition of Maslenitsa pancake baked first gave to the poor so that they commemorated the dead.Matchmakers visited each other's homes.But most of the parents of the bride groom's parents met with hot ruddy pancakes.

Tuesday - destined one-disguised, come to me to dinner!

second day Shrovetide supposed bride brides.If you honor the tradition, to show off to his betrothed and future mother-in pancakes with interesting toppings.Chopped boiled chicken or turkey, lightly sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and fresh herbs is the best fit as a dietary stuffing for pancakes.You can also use:

  • minced boiled liver;
  • lean beef;
  • white fish;
  • seafood.

Fillings Pick low-fat, but saturated, with high protein content.After all, you have to actively sledding.A frosty day in the bosom of nature awakens appetite.

How not to gain weight in the Shrove Tuesday: diet Pancake week


midweek decided to enjoy a pancake menu in full force, in what does not refusing.This day should be on the table pancakes with sweet and savory fillings.As dessert diet filling for pancakes suitable low-fat cottage cheese.Giving it the sweetness you can use finely chopped dried apricots, raisins, prunes, apples.Delicious low-calorie and filling will be made with fresh fruits and berries.Pour pancakes are a little honey.

Thursday.I demand the continuation of the banquet!

On Thursday, the feast of delicious pancakes continues.But by the end of the week is best to abandon the ground beef.It's time to start preparing for the upcoming Lent, body and soul.Use vegetables, cheese, cottage cheese and mushroom filling:

  • oyster and button mushrooms;
  • stewed cabbage;
  • beet caviar;
  • cheese and cottage cheese with dill and a little sour cream.

Friday.Pancakes for the beloved mother-in!

Friday-law wife's mother treats pancakes.Come to visit a second mother has a right to her friends.But the dish needs to cook a daughter.

How not to gain weight in the Shrove Tuesday: diet Pancake week

Pancake weekend

In the last days of Shrovetide continuing spiritual gatherings with friends and family.Rounding out the holiday Forgiveness Sunday, allows you to forget all grudges and enter in the post with a pure open heart.

Now you know how not to gain weight in the Shrove Tuesday and fun note holiday week.We hope you have fun at glory!

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