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Diet slim-data - all the colors of slimming

Diet slim-data Among today's diversity of diets there appear the one that is suitable and will be most effective for you.Perhaps it will be colored diet slim-data.Lose excess kilos will be a reward for certain restrictions and prohibitions.But the main thing - the result.

Diet allows you to lose weight at 2-3 kilos a week, slowly but surely.Diet is not limited in time - it is possible to comply with both one month and several years or even for life, which will affect the shape and health of only positively.

Creator «Slim-data» - from France nutritionist Ian gun.For the first time this method of weight loss was voiced by him in 2005 at a conference held in Paris.Following a diet Frenchwomen picked representatives of many other countries - to date, the diet is quite popular around the world.

The main advantage of a diet that is completely eliminated hunger: do not change the daily routine and mealtimes.No hunger!Diet, exerting a beneficial effect on health, allowing slowly but surely lose the extra weight.

Colours harmony of «Slim-data»
essence of the diet «Slim-data» is that all use the products are divided into color zones:
• Green (products, which can be and need to lose weight);

• Orange (supporting the result achieved);

• red (products of the zone are allowed to eat in small quantities in combination with products from the green category);

• purple (from these have almost completely abandoned).

The problem boils down to diet to properly combine foods.By learning to do this, and you can lose weight and build for themselves a power scheme, which will always maintain a slim figure.

Each color has its own area is a group of products that have a certain (positive or negative) effect on the body.

Products covered by the green zone
• vegetables is - cucumbers, cabbage and broccoli, various herbs, onions and garlic, zucchini, celery, eggplant;
• fruit - grapefruit, oranges, lemons, tangerines, kiwi;
• berries - cranberries, cranberries, cherries;
• walnuts and hazelnuts;
• cereal - oatmeal and rye flour products;
• dairy products - soy cheese, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat goat's and cow's milk;
• Seafood - fish of different varieties and shrimp;
• dietary meat and poultry, eggs, cooked boiled;
• unsweetened tea, herbal teas, mineral non-carbonated water.

Green Zone - the most useful, it is necessary for each of us produce.They should be included in the diet on a daily basis, they are the most active helpers in the fight against excess weight.The energy expended in the processing of "green", maximum;in some cases it exceeds the energy coming into the body with these products.The glycemic index of foods from this area from 0 to 35.

low glycemic index of the product means that its use in the blood sugar level rises slowly.

Products Orange Zone
• raw carrots, beets, olives and pickled vegetables;
• Fruit is allowed banana, apple, pineapple, grapes and pears;
• pine and pistachio nuts, cashew nuts;
• made of durum wheat, cereals (neluschnenye), brown rice;
• legumes, including canned;
• Milk - yogurt, hard cheeses, milk;
• offal, broth, low-fat ham, boiled eggs boiled;
• Refills can be used soy sauce, vegetable oil;
• Sherbet (frozen fruit and berry juices), wafer cakes;
• vegetable juices, unsweetened coffee, carbonated mineral water, wine (dry).

Products from Orange zone have a glycemic index of 40 to 55 and have no significant effect on weight.But do not get carried away by them strongly until you are at the stage of weight loss.In this case, allowed to use the "orange" products solely for the "green" and less frequently.But completely exclude them too - they reduce stress hormone levels, high levels of which can stimulate the appetite and the accumulation of body fat for a rainy day.

dangerous red zone
• boiled vegetables: carrots, potatoes, pumpkin;
• apricots, dried apricots, raisins, baked apples;
• pastries, any cookies, bread, salted crackers,
• processed cheese, sour cream and cream cheeses;
• fatty meats, sausages, eggs, liver pate;
• mayonnaise and butter;
• sugar;
• Juice from fruit, cocoa, any sweetened drinks.

All products of the red zone affect weight gain.Their use must be strictly reduced to two times a week."Red" products can be used only in conjunction with the "green", neutralizing their negative effects for the figure.The glycemic index of a given area - from 60 to 80.

Purple Forbidden Zone
• peanuts, salted almonds and pistachios;
• corn flakes, popcorn;
• fat, very fat sausage and ham;
• Candy, chocolate;
• liqueur, sweet wine, beer.

Products purple zone are prohibited during the period of weight loss.When you reach your desired weight, only rarely can treat yourself a small amount of "violet" of the product, but no more than 1-2 times a month.Excessive use of these products may harm not only figure, but also health.This zone is marked with indexes 80 and above.

main diet rules by color
Before you start to lose weight on a diet «Slim-data», to take into account some very important rules.By following them, you can avoid errors and inaccuracies.Rules allow do not get confused and clearly navigate the diet.
1. Different kinds of food with the same calorie content have different effects on weight.Therefore, this diet is not being counted calories.Attention is invited to devote the speed of digestion of the product and its degree of assimilation by the body.Just the right combination of products "optimize" and will accelerate these two processes.
dietitian believes that the most positive impact on our body products with the lowest glycemic index foods are beneficial organisms and do not contribute to the formation of fatty deposits.

2. Meals need to diversify.In one technique should be used at least three different products.The main thing is that each meal contains protein product (fish, meat, poultry, seafood, cheese and other products).A couple of times a day you need to eat and complex carbohydrates (cereals, pasta).Keep the emphasis on "green" products.They should occupy 2/3 servings.Only then can the body be satisfied and get all the necessary nutrients without negative consequences for the figure.

3. Eat small meals is recommended.The number of meals at least 3-4 times a day with intervals of time of about 4 hours.In this case, the body does not have time to feel hungry.In addition, split meals speeds up metabolism and helps to learn quickly eaten.As a result, the body burns food and some of the resulting fat reserves.

4. From food with artificial additives: preservatives, colorings, flavor enhancers should be discarded.
Such food can not only harm the overall health, but also contribute to weight gain.These substances are the "novelty" of our body.Gastrointestinal tract does not take food with artificial additives like familiar food, and the body puts their "rainy day."

5. Late dinner - quite acceptable.
Do not forcibly change the habitual diet.Well, what is already 18.00?If the body needs, do not deny it.Each person has his regime and habits, and, respectively, and the hungry in the usual individual time, do not create additional stress to his beloved body.If you're used to not eat after six in the evening, feel free to continue.But the food at a later time allowed, and the preferred product of "green" list.

Having acquired five important rules and distributing products by color zones, and remember that the same product can be made in different categories.For example, the carrot: in raw form, it refers to the orange zone, but gets boiled in red.In the process of cooking from carrots "falls" digestibility.

Diet «Slim-data» affects the body gradually.Do not expect quick results.But it is sure to drop the weight, confidently approaching the ideal, and improve your health.

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