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Diet Three Fist

Diet Three Fist - the invention of Ukrainian doctor Oleg Terna.He correctly noted one human feature - the simpler the rules of diet, the more likely we are to comply with them.Fuss with a calculator and tables calorie, constantly keeping a food diary in notebooks, and online - all this is quite depressing, and, ultimately, the person either chooses unhealthy restrictive diets, just based on the fact that they are laid out or eats anything,avoiding certain meals.Both strategies in the long run cause the slowing of metabolism and the acquisition of more "solid" fat with a relatively modest power.The power supply system Three Fist will help to cope with dietary calculations simply and effectively, and to lose weight or maintain weight with maximum comfort.

Diet Three fists and principles of weight loss products

basic principle of weight loss with the "fist" is that you should follow the rules of healthy lifestyle:

    • Dispense alcohol and cigarettes;
    • Do not forget that you can only sleep for 8 hour
    s, and full output - is not only cleaning the apartment, but walks, meeting friends and other fun classes;
    • eat healthy foods, do not eat and semi-finished concentrates abandon factory-made sauces;limit your intake of sweets;
    • drink plenty of clean water and exclude beverages containing Liquid Calories: sweet drinks, juices, tea, sugar, milk, beer;
    • Exercise at least three times a week for an hour, to maintain an adequate motor mode - walking, swimming, dancing, cross-country skiing;
    • An optimistic look at life.

power supply system Three Fist

per meal on a diet, you can eat the amount of food by volume equal to three of your fists, one serving of a particular type of product - the size of your fist.In all diet products are divided into:

  • sources of protein: lean meat, fish, cheese, eggs (you can only eat protein), yogurt, milk, yogurt.
  • sources of complex carbohydrates: cereals on the water from buckwheat, barley, brown rice, pasta from durum wheat, bran bread.
  • Fruits, berries and vegetables: any limit only potatoes, bananas and grapes, however, this restriction applies only to the period of active weight loss.

The power supply system Three Fist

• Meat is recommended to use no more than a couple of times a week (cooked or stewed or grilled, roasted in butter or meat, no fish can not).
• The main source of protein in the diet are fish, seafood, low-fat cottage cheese and eggs.
• Salads can refuel with natural low-fat yogurt, olive or other vegetable oil and vinegar.Salads dressed with sour cream or mayonnaise, there are not more than 1-2 times a week.
• The amount of salt recommended to reduce to a minimum.

zigzags on a diet

Any strict diet is only the first two weeks, then comes the plateau effect when the scales stands still in place.Avoid this help following trick:

    • constantly changing calorie daily diet.For example, 3 days a week - a strict diet, 4 - less strict.
    • Zigzag plus one day of the week will be "bootable" - can afford banned at other times high-calorie meal (a piece of cake or pizza, ice cream, a bottle of beer).
    • Zigzag minus: on the contrary, one day - supermaximum diet.

Fist 3 Diet slimming

diet for weight loss on a diet phase "fist 3" is divided by days.You must arrange 5 meals, about 3 hours each.

Example menu for weight loss for the week:

Monday - fasting day (zigzag or minus)
Breakfast: eggs, 2 servings (2 fists)
vegetables Lunch: dairy products, 2 servings of fruit.
Lunch: fish, 2 servings of vegetables.
Snack: milk products, 2 servings of fruit.
Dinner: fish, 2 servings of fruit.

Tuesday -
low-calorie breakfast: eggs, 2 "fist" of vegetables.
Lunch: 3 "fist" fruit or berries.
Lunch: fish, 2 "fist" of vegetables.
Snack: 3 "fist" of fruit.
Dinner: tofu and soy meat plus 2 "fist" of vegetables.

Wednesday - calorie
Breakfast: serving of chicken plus vegetables.
Lunch: 3 servings of fruit and / or berries.
Lunch: fish, 2 servings of vegetables.
Snack: 3 servings of fruit.
Dinner: a portion of the birds 2 - vegetables.

Thursday - calorie
Breakfast: serving of tofu, 2 servings of vegetables.
Lunch: 3 servings of fruit.
Lunch: fish, 2 servings of vegetables.
Snack: 3 servings of fruit or berries.
Dinner: 1 serving of seafood, 2 - vegetables.

Friday - supporting
Breakfast: one serving of chicken, legumes, vegetables.
Lunch: 3 servings of fruit.
Lunch: one serving of meat, mushrooms, cereals.
Snack: 3 servings of fruit.
Dinner: 1 serving of fish, 2 - vegetables.

Saturday - zigzag
plus breakfast: eggs, a portion of vegetables serving of cereal.
Lunch: 3 servings of fruit.
Lunch: piece of meat, a serving of vegetables, a portion of grain.
Snack: 3 servings of fruit.
Dinner: piece of fish, a serving of vegetables, 1 treat (piece of cake, dessert)

Sunday - supports
Breakfast: serving of chicken, a serving of vegetables, a portion of grain.
Lunch: 3 servings of fruit.
Lunch: piece of meat, a portion of mushrooms, a portion of grain.
Snack: 3 servings of fruit.
Dinner: fish, 2 servings of vegetables.

Diet 3 Fist slimming

you can drink clean water, herbal teas without sweeteners, coffee, no more than 2 cups a day.

Fist 3 Diet for weight maintenance

At weight maintenance is permitted to add a little grain to the basic ration.First of all, remember that you can have everything and do not get better.The basis for the adjustment should be just diet for weight loss.It is important to have at one time more than the volume of your three fists.

    You can eat protein, vegetables and fruit on Monday, and add a portion of cereal or legumes instead of one serving of vegetables, for example, at lunch the other days.However, if you notice that get better, you should come back for a few weeks to a diet for weight loss.

If the weight is still down, should be replaced by a time vegetables legumes or grains and dinner.

Let's say you do not want to gain weight, but want to add muscle mass.Then, in addition to the normal diet, you should consume protein shakes combined with training.

Unlike most diet-scheduling system Three Fist really works for burning fat, not just to reduce the total body weight.As a result, you can significantly improve the shape of the body in just a few months.However, the exercise, though simple, are a mandatory part of this system of weight loss and health improvement.However, the results deserve to have you spent on achieving them a little time and effort.

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